Are you listening, Easter Bunny?

There is just enough time before Easter to slip in another chocolate blog I think! I have got a taste for the good stuff and the only chocolate egg I want this year comes from the artisian chocolatier Dermarquette, are you listening Easter Bunny???

Dermarquette’s delicious chocolates are handmade using the finest and most ethically sourced ingredients - don’t you think there is something infinately more satisfying about high quality chocolate? Maybe we will even need to eat less of it...not promising or anything!

For a bit of over-stated sophistication and class (sure there is an oxmoron in there somewhere) we are going for the limited edition Glam Egg. The incredible, space-age design is made up of 6 hand painted multi-flavoured caramel mini eggs between two segments of a chocolate egg. A further six caramel eggs are nesting in the base of the main egg, which is made with 71.1% dark chocolate with a delicate coating of pure white chocolate velvet that adds a unique luxurious texture. The caramel mini eggs flavours are inspired by the Great British Orchard:

  • Yorkshire Rhubarb (2010 Great Taste Award Winner)
  • Kentish Apple & Pear
  • Somerset Apricot
  • Devon Strawberry (2009 Great Taste Award Winner)
  • Scottish Raspberry
  • Cornish Sea Salt

Delish! But get your own we’re not sharing...