Love Coconut – Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is arguably the most versatile product on the market right now. You can use it in beauty treatments, as a hydrator for hair, and as a healthier alternative in recipes. As a self confessed foodie, I like to use it for cooking. So when Love Coconut sent us a couple of jars of their delicious extra virgin coconut oil, we here at The Amazing Blogwere keen to get cooking.

The Extra Virgin Coconut Oil from Love Coconut is 100% organic and insanely healthy. In order to retain the maximum nutritional content, Love Coconut uses the “cold press” method to extract oil from the coconut, which involves separating the coconut oil from the cream after it has solidified, making the coconut oil extremely pure. Love Coconut’s oil is high in lauric acid and other medium chain fatty acids. These acids help you metabolize food faster, strengthen your immune system, and repair dry skin & hair. I started incorporating coconut oil into my diet by switching it for butter and other oils. I particularly like to use it when baking, because a slight hint of coconut can make recipes even tastier! When used on the skin it gives a great glow, without feeling greasy. There are endlless uses for this product, so go pick it up and see what works best for you!

Love Coconut Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is available here at £8.49 for 400ml.