The Lacquer Lab - Spring Breakers Collection

A classy nail can really pull an outfit or look together. That’s why we were very excited, here at The Amazing Blog to receive two lacquers from The Lacquer Lab’s Spring Breakers Collection. They were kind enough to send us Joy Ride and Cancun Hot to try out. Both colours are very on trend for this summer season and we were dying to try them!

The Lacquer Lab is a really exciting company, as they come out with unique nail colours for every season. They are also 5 free, which means that they do not include 4 nasty chemicals (Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP), Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin, Toluene and Camphor) in their hand mixed lacquers, and they do not test on animals. Our nails and all the cute fluffy animals thank The Lacquer Lab for that! Both colours that we received are well placed to represent the whole of the summer season. The Joy Ride is a unique pastel mint colour, neutral enough to be perfect for the office, a garden party, or just everyday errands, while the Cancun Hot is named perfectly! This orangey-red colour is for those steamy summer nights, or that exciting summer holiday (If we are lucky!!), but if you are spending the summer behind a desk, then you can always put it on to brighten up your outlook while you are stuck indoors.

We like to live on the wild side here at The Amazing Blog, so our vote goes to Cancun Hot! For Joy Ride or Cancun Hot, check them out for £7 each, or take a look at other The Lacquer Lab collections here.