You’ve Got Mail!

The old adage goes ‘say it with flowers’, well we think ‘say it with a mini living garden’ is going to be catching on soon...No? Well stick with me here because I think we may have discovered the answer to all your greeting card needs. Postcarden are a quirky little range of cards offering a twist on the traditional greeting card. Getting something through the letterbox that’s not either a bill or a takeaway menu is always a bonus, but imagine if your greeting card could be a curious and interactive little marvel that will grow and develop over time. Postcarden Mini Living Gardens can be sent easily through the post with room for a personal message. They are quick to construct, simply unfold the card into its 3D form, sprinkle a little water into the base, scatter the cress seeds onto the damp paper and place in a warm, bright spot. Within a week you will be the proud owner of a crop of cress, perfect for sprinkling on your lunchtime sandwich or salad.







Postcarden commission and work closely with a number of talented artists to create the different designs for the Mini Living Gardens. I am currently struggling to choose between the adorable Allotment and the Botanical garden to send to a friend who has just moved into her first flat – never mind that it is lacking in outside space, a Postcarden will provide the greenery!