Hello! I’m a 10:10 Tag

Yes, there's more to this cute little carbon-cutting charm than meets the eye...but what is it you ask?  That's exactly what I was wondering when I saw it in a women's glossy last month.  Lucky talisman? Eco symbol? Carbon cutting fashion statement?...Well whatever you want it to be really... this little "charmer" is probably one of the few pieces of jewellery ever to have been made from a plane that should have crashed but didn't. The 10:10 Tag is part of a worldwide carbon emission cutting campaign that's celebrated on Sunday 10th October (10:10:10).  On this globally recognised day people around the world will be doing their thing, big or small, to help cut carbon emissions by at least 10% and make our world a better, cleaner place to live.

The tag is made from the body of a Boeing 747 jet forced to make an emergency landing  in 1982 when it flew ito a plume of volcanic ash en route to Auckland from Heathrow. Frighteningly, all four engines failed almost simultaneously, it should have crashed, but amazingly the plane managed to land in Jakarta and no one died.  The lucky near-miss made headlines and became known as the "Jakarta Incident".

So what happened to the plane? Well she's been melted down and forged into 150,000 lovely little 10:10 tags, a stylish way to show the world you're cutting your 10% in 2010.  (Mine came in the post with a black bracelet/necklace cord and I haven't taken it off since it popped through the post box).

Worn by Hugh Jackman, Sienna Miller and Daisy Lowe to name a few, this extraordinary, symbolic mini chunk of metal has just sold out on the 10:10: website but it's still available (£3 from O2 shops nationwide) - so if  you want one you had better be quick!

You can even watch how the tags were made...click on the "747 to 10:10 in 34 seconds" video link on this page:


For more info see www.1010global.org/uk