Rechargable LED candles

One of my favourite things about the weather we’ve been having recently are the warm evenings and being able to eat and drink outside - there’s nothing better than sitting outside with some delicious food and a couple (ok, a few) bottles of wine. Whether you’ve taken a picnic to the park or entertaining at home candles can enhance the mood of any situation and give any room the oh-so-flattering candlelit ‘glow’. However, the atmosphere created is often short lived as candles blow out and I often spend my time running around re-lighting them (not to mention that they are a fire disaster waiting to happen in my opinion and children seem to love to dip their fingers in the hot wax).

That’s why I was very impressed when I came across a range of rechargeable LED candles from Philips. Unlike the very unrealistic faux candles that you may have seen in the past these candles give off a warm glow and flicker just like real candles but without the dangers of open flames and hot wax. What’s more they don’t blow out every time there’s a gust of wind or it starts to rain as they are fully waterproof and you simply tilt them to turn on and off. The set of three frosted glass ‘candles’ come in a range of colours  and once charged will last up to 20 hours -  perfect for creating a relaxing atmosphere in your home or outdoors.

The Philips Imageo LED Rechargeable Candle lights are available here from Amazon for £19.49.