Friday Favourites - Father's Day Gifts

We here at The Amazing Blog think men should be pampered just as much as women are. Dads work hard and are definitely in need of some spoiling. See our top picks to make your dad feel special this Father's Day.

First on our list is the Body Wash and Eau de Toilette by Milano Cento. Inspired by aromatic plants of Italy, the Milano Cento Him range is bound to make your dad feel like a Don. The range is based on the classic sophistication of all things Italian, for a man wanting a somewhat unusual, unique and understated scent. The Him body wash and eau de toilette are formed from the same scent, which opens with zesty notes of lemon, bergamot and petitgrain. The middle notes are herbaceous, of lavender, intense basil, rosemary and sage, followed by base notes of rich, sensual sandalwood, patchouli, spicy cloves, cinnamon and warm amber. You will be left with an overall citrus and woody aroma, which is, in itself, a gift to yourself if you get to smell it on the regular.

Milano Cento does not sell online, but you can find their nationwide stockists here. Purchase the Eau de Toilette for £29.50 for 50ml or £49.50 for 100ml. Purchase the Body Wash for £12.50.

Legna candles photo.png

If you thought candles were just for women, then think again. LEGNA London has created candles especially for men, with the philosophy that candles shouldn’t be marketed solely to women. By creating a non-obvious manly product, LEGNA dedicates their candles to anyone of any sex, to couples and to friends. They draw their inspiration from an array of cultures from around the world which celebrate manhood.

Hand poured in the UK, made of biodegradable, natural, blended wax. The ingredients are composed of non-petroleum renewable resources and therefore burn clean. There are three signature scents; Strength, Unity and Wisdom, made from classic masculine ingredients, such as musk, tobacco and leather. Strength gives off a delicate smoky and woody, yet sweet, aroma. Strength was created to celebrate the physical and spiritual strength of men. Unity is composed of comforting spicy ingredients with woody notes, designed to celebrate the brotherhood of man. Wisdom is comprised of musky leather notes, creating a warm and luxurious fragrance for people to relax around and share their experiences.

Having been featured in and receiving raving reviews from The Independent, GQ, Elle Man, Country & Town House, the lucky gentleman is sure to enjoy the aroma of these heady scents.

Purchase the candles separately for £40 each (220g) or together in a gift set for £50 (3x 75g) here.

Gift Set facial.jpg

If your dad boasts a full beard, The Scottish Fine Soaps Company's Face & Beard Care Kit is the ideal gift. Men’s grooming is serious business, and should be an indulgent experience from time to time, or even every day! Blending luxurious ingredients with contemporary Scottish style, The Scottish Fine Soaps Company have created a kit with a face and beard soap, beard oil, aftershave balm and a hardwood beard comb.

This grooming kit is in their Thistle & Black Pepper range. With this kit, you can care for your beard and pamper your skin with the invigorating scent of thistle and black pepper. All products are made and packed in Stirlingshire, Scotland. Scotland has one of the most beautiful natural environments, so it only makes sense to draw inspiration from it. So as to not damage it, The Scottish Fine Soaps Company practices sustainable and environmentally-friendly production. Even more, the products are cruelty-free, paraben-free and use natural ingredients wherever humanly possible.

Purchase the Face & Beard Care Kit here for £19.99.


Bentley released their newest fragrance for men, Bentley Momentum, earlier this year. This bold eau de toilette was made for the discernible man who appreciates beautiful craftsmanship and quality. If your gentleman in mind is a fan of the finer things in life and wants his signature scent to meet the standards of Bentley cars, then you must give Momentum a sniff.

Momentum is a forceful composition that contrasts aromatic freshness with potent woods. The primary notes are a splash of aquatic aromas, closely followed by energising bergamot and cooling violet. Underneath this refreshing concoction is herbaceous and aromatic sage, adding a sensuous warmth and depth. The final notes are striking ambergris and cashmere wood. The dry-down of the scent reveals a deep blend of smooth sandalwood, dusky tonka bean and a lingering trail of sensuous musk and moss. This scent certainly gains momentum, all encapsulated in a sleek, geometric bottle.

Currently, Bentley Momentum eau de toilette can only be purchased exclusively at Harrods in-store, for £59 (50ml).

We clearly think men should smell marvelous, which is why we are continuing our scent search with L:A BRUKET's Perfume Oils. This product is for the man that is partial to aromatherapy. With each spritz you are administering a mind-strengthening aroma. The perfumes are made purely from organic and natural oils. There are three scents to choose from, each with differing properties. Petitgrain, with its bittersweet notes, is calming and relaxing. It is said to improve memory and help you work well under pressure and stress. Perfect for those workaholic dads. Myrrh, paired beautifully with cedarwood, is sweet and woody. This oil will help with concentration and trigger a focusing effect. Lastly, Hinoki is also woody but with fresh notes. Hinoki is known for its mentally-strengething and energising properties. Ideal when paired with an outdoorsy man.

Purchase the L:A BRUKET Perfume Oils from their UK stockist here for £46 each (10ml).

Whether your dad is a beard-guy, a fragrance-connoisseur, or enjoys a scented candle, with these exciting products to choose from there will surely be some lucky dads this Father's Day. They most definitely deserve it so use this opportunity to spoil your dad, but remember that you can treat your dad to these gorgeous gifts any day of the year.

Shea Innocence – Triple Butter Whip and Mocha Vanilla Candle

We think that Shea Butter is the skin's best friend. It's regularly used as a key ingredient in many skincare products, as it helps to moisturise and leave you with a soft and smooth complexion. So when The Amazing Blog came across Shea Innocence, we just couldn't resist trying the range out. With a wonderful selection for both the skin and the home, Shea Innocence uses a fusion of natural ingredients to keep you looking beautiful and feeling relaxed. We were delighted to try their Triple Butter Whip and Mocha Vanilla Candle.

We'll be the first to say that the market is chock full of body butters for dry, oily or sensitive skin, but with Shea Innocence Body Butter, we're pleased to see that they have taken a natural approach. This product is fantastic for the whole family as its list of ingredients is simple and 100% natural, using only organic Shea Butter and Essential Oils. We tried the butter with Almond Oil and it was perfect for keeping our skin hydrated. Mango Extract and Sweet Orange Oil give a divine scent that's hard to resist, and leave our skin feeling incredibly soft and nourished. 

The same care and love Shea Innocence uses in their body butter range clearly goes into their Candles. In a mini tin, their Mocha Vanilla Soy Candle offers a delicious bouquet of fragrant Coffee Beans and sweet Vanilla, perfect for a relaxing night in. What's more, its comforting scent that lasts longer than usual because Shea Innocence use nothing less than the best quality soy wax rather than artificial paraffin - so no more burnt smell once the flame is out.

The Mocha Vanilla Candle and many more are available here at £6.00. Discover the other fragrances and get the Triple Butter Whip for only £10.95 here.

Breast Cancer Awareness

As many of you will know October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, and here at the The Amazing Blog we have been busy finding our favourite products that help support the fight against breast cancer during this important month. Everyone has been touched in some way by this horrible disease, so why not treat a friend or even yourself to one of these six items. From Essie’s pink nail polish line, to delicious bra cupcakes, we wanted to share these items we love with you. First off, nail brand Essie has launched four new pink nail polish colours this month with each colour representing a different aspect of battling breast cancer. Whether you prefer a baby pink like ‘good morning hope’ or want to be a tad more adventurous with a darker shade of pink, ‘I am strong,’ the entire collection helps unite women together with pink power. Essie’s motto signifies everything that they stand for and why they take this line for breast cancer so seriously. “We can beat this, because we are in it together.” All four shades can be found in spas and salons and sell for £9.95 each. A portion of the proceeds will go to the UK based breast cancer charity, Future Dreams…So why not throw on a coat of this fun polish, while also supporting a good cause!

This fun and vibrant scarf was created in conjunction with Lily and Lionel and My-Wardrobe to support Breakthrough Breast Cancer during the month of October. The scarf is Lily and Lionel’s classic oversized silk O’Hara print in limited edition coral. With winter right around the corner, what better way to accessorize your outfit and bundle up with a pop of pink around your neck? We loved this scarf’s soft texture and coral design. The scarf retails at £95 with 20% going to the charity. You can find the scarf for purchase on their website here or at My-Wardrobe.

Timothy Dunn decided to join the fight against breast cancer this season, by launching a limited edition London Blue Rose pink candle. Touching close to home, many of the Dunn’s family and friends have been affected by this awful disease. The candle’s scent is beautifully feminine and can appeal to all. It is a floral bouquet of roses, peonies, forget-me-nots, gentian, heartsease, hollyhocks, and jasmine. Not only is the candle pink, but so is the delicate glass holder it comes in. This candle is the perfect gift idea for any women in your life, or even the perfect gift to yourself to enhance the feminine scent throughout your home. All profits from each candle will be donated to Breast Cancer Awareness. The candle sells for £42 each and is available here.Tateossian recently revealed a new colour of its signature silver Pop Scoubidou leather bracelet in support of Breast Cancer Care. The bracelet is an exquisite combination of pink and magenta Italian leather set off with a sterling silver clasp. This stylish bracelet will be sure to add a touch of arm candy for any occasion. We thought this trendy, timeless bracelet would look great on any wrist while complimenting the idea of strength and stability during the intense battle one endures with breast cancer. The bracelet is available online here and in Tateossian stores for £110 with 20% of all proceeds going to Breast Cancer Care.

Rejuvenate your skin with GLAMGLOW’s Super Mask. This mud mask helps revitalize with the use of volcanic minerals, French sea clay, and TEAOXI and is perfect for any skin type. It is quite literally a ’10-minute facial in a jar.’ Why not skip the expensive spa treatments and treat yourself at home! This exfoliating mud mask leaves your skin feeling radiant after a long day at work or even after a night out on the town with friends. The mask retails for £49.99 for a 50ml container. The product will be sold in Selfridges nationwide and can also be found on GLAMGLOW’s website. 25% of profits from the sales of GLAMGLOW’s Super Mask will be donated to the Pink Ribbon Foundation from October to December.

Craving a sweet treat, or need a delicious gift idea? Pick up  Lola’s B-Cup (Cake). This breast cancer inspired cupcake is handcrafted and uses only the finest ingredients including Belgian chocolate, pure vanilla, and free-range eggs- and you can really taste the difference. £1.50 of every cupcake goes to Breast Cancer Care. The cupcakes can be found at all Lola’s counters in Selfridges, Topshop, Brent Cross and Mayfair. Go out today and pick up one of these cupcakes to satisfy your sweet tooth!

So why not treat yourself, a loved one, or even a friend to one of these amazing items that supports such a great cause. We at the The Amazing Blog love them and know you will too.


Most of us like to have some sort of room scent, and there are so many options and scents available nowadays that you can find something to suit you. Whether your preference is a candle, mists or a reed diffuser, there's nothing nicer than walking into a room and being greeted with a subtle scent. So for all your room fragrance needs, The Amazing Blog gives you AromaWorks.

The AromaWorks range consist of 5 scents: Nurture, Serenity, Inspire, Soulful and Yin & Yang. Each fragrance has its own set of candles, diffusers, mists or oils. Unlike a lot of scented candles, the fragrance of an AromaWorks. candle is soft but powerful, they're especially crafted to burn without being overpowering. All of the ranges are created in the UK using organic soy and the best beeswax, they have no additives or chemicals. No two AromaWorks candles are alike - each are poured by hand, so every product is unique each time. Not only do the scents delicately fragrance a room, but they look great almost anywhere. The design of the ranges is sleek and sophisticated, so they make perfect gifts too. The AromaWorks range is designed with the principles of aromatherapy in mind - to enhance not only your room, but your mood, with each different fragrance there's different mood enhancing properties. For the best experience make sure to get a fragrance that's sure to suit the environment you'll be using it in.

So if you're looking for a fragrance that will be great for your room and your mood make sure to get an AromaWorks product. Candles, oils, diffusers, and mists are available to buy on their website.

Chia Maria Candles

How many times have you needed time to unwind after a long day at work or uni? Ever needed a break after having a bad day? Whenever I find myself in that position I come right home and head for my living room. It is something of a safe haven in my house and there's nothing better after a stressful day than putting my pajamas on and lying on the sofa to watch a film or curling up with a good book. Candles are an essential for me on days like this; I love the serene atmospheres they create so when The Amazing Blog discovered the Chia Maria Citrus Amoroso Candle I instantly knew I was on to a winner.

The Citrus Amoroso candle is a wonderful smelling candle. It combines the scents of sweet tangerine, zesty lime, and grapefruit and the three scents are all blended with a veil of fresh green herbs. The combination of these various scents form a citrus smell that is sure to catch anyone’s attention. The scents complement each other and create a soothing aroma that will add a welcoming feel to any home. This wonderful candle burns for approximately 40 hours and I can't wait to try the other scents that Chia Maria has on offer including their Fig Innamorato and Fiori d’Amore.

In addition to the Chia Maria candles smelling wonderful, they are made 100 percent from soy. Therefore since they are created from soy and not wax they can be used as a hand cream as well. So, once the candle has been burned the residue can moisturise your hands. Here at The Amazing Blog we love lotions so when we found out that this candle can double as a cream we liked it even more. And so, whether you need a candle to aid in your relaxation after a long day of work or simply want to try out the dual feature, the Chia Maria candle is a great purchase. You can buy yours today from their website.