Zephorium - Aura Sprays and Body Oils

Here at The Amazing Blog  we like to follow the 'Mind over Matter' motto and that is why we love the Zephorium line of Aura Sprays and Body Oils. The motto over at Zephorium is “Change your thoughts… Change your life” and what a better way to start your journey to a better life than with positive thoughts and delicious scents?

Packaged in coloured crystal bottles to match the specific chakras, the Zephorium line is just heavenly. Each bottle,  whether it is the Aura Spray or the Body Oil is matched to a specific chakra point and comes with an uplifting affirmation. Over here at The Amazing Blog we liked the Clarity Vision Aura Spray which contains Frankincense and Patchouli,  for a sharp and soothing scent. It definitely helps to bring clarity to the senses when sprayed in your immediate environment. There are 7 other different varieties to pick from based on colour, chakra, properties, and aromatherapy. All of the various scents use the highest quality aromatherapy oils and are blended with vitamin e, sunflower, sweet almond and grape-seed oils, making them great for the skin too!

The Clarity Vision Aura Spray  and the other varieties can be purchased for £15 or you can get the whole set here  for £120.