Organic SuperBlends - Energise  

Ever feel like you’re not getting enough nutrients? Sometimes here at The Amazing Blog we do too. That’s why we were excited to try Organic Super Blends when we received a sample!

This natural alkalising superfood powder is a Chia based, all in one superfood powder. It’s perfect for sprinkling over cereals and granola, or adding to juices, yogurt and smoothies. Also, all of their powders are 100% raw. There are only 6 key ingredients: chia seeds, acai, rosehip, goji, camu, and lucuma. The powder is locally made in the UK and aside from being organic, it is also vegan, gluten free, wheat free, and soy free. Super Blends comes in four varieties: Alkaline Greens, Skin Food, Energise, and Omega 3. Each of these products works in a different way to help your health, depending on what you prefer. Our favourite here at The Amazing Blog was the Energise blend, because it left us bursting with energy, making it the perfect pick me up. Organic Super Blends loves giving back, so they give 10p from every pouch sold to the Amantani Charity Peru charity. This organisation’s mission is to help the children of Peru keep their smiles,by bridging the gap between home and school.

Get your own Organic Super Blends here today. Alkaline Greens & Skin Food for £18.99, Energise for £13.99, and Omega 3 for £12.99.