Don't Bite Me! Patch

With the beautiful weather of summer comes the dreaded time of mosquitos. At The Amazing Blog, we have a pretty dim relationship with bugs. That is why we were glad to find the Don’t Bite Me! all natural patches. This summer, us girls over at The Amazing Blog will no longer be slathering ourselves with smelly bug lotions or sprays; we will just slap on this clear, waterproof patch and go on about our days.

The Don’t Bite Me! patch has only 2 ingredients: Aloe and Vitamin B1. When the Vitamin B is metabolized in the body, it reduces the odours that attract bugs. Unlike other products, this one works within our bodies to deter insects, not repel them. It needs to be applied 2 hours before going outside, and lasts for 36 hours.

Luckily we were not in buggy zones for that long, but we did notice an awesome lack of bites after our night out in the garden. The patch is safe for children, so imagine not having to further chase the little ones around to reapply bug spray every couple of hours! It is a really simple product that has good results, so don't wait until you are already covered in bites to go out and pick it up.

Check out the Don’t Bite Me! website for the list of stockists here or grab them from online here for £9.99.