Baylis & Harding - Great Body Range

Here at The Amazing Blog we love new and exciting skincare products, so when Baylis & Harding sent us their new Great Body range, we couldn't wait to try it out!

Baylis & Harding’s new 5 step Great Body products encompass all the steps of the shower routine, to leave you smooth, silky and smelling amazing! A different look for Baylis & Harding, the 5 step products show they really do mean business, and don't just smell gorgeous. The first step is the Great Body in-shower Body Polish with coconut oil, geranium and vitamin B. Simply scrub all over to remove any dead cells and other impurities whilst brightening and scenting the skin. Secondly, the Body Wash with glycerin acts as an ultra moisturiser for the skin, locking in moisture and keeping skin smooth. The elderflower and meadowsweet extracts give the product a sweet, summery smell which I found lingered for hours. The third step is the Body Lotion, which has the exciting new Tego Smooth 48 hr moisturiser, which contains active ingredients which when coupled with the amino acids, ensures maximum moisture retention, leaving skin unbelievably soft. The penultimate step in the process is the Firming Cream which uses a blend of herbal actives from India to firm and sculpt the skin. Now we're nearly there! Finally, the Body Mist adds the finishing touch to the process. It contains elderflower to soothe and meadowsweet just like the second step which ties all the steps together whilst cooling the skin, leaving you feeling cleansed, soft and delicious!

All together, it may seem like a long process, but once a week, on a Sunday night for example, it will leave you feeling silky smooth and refreshed for the coming week! I received many compliments on the smell that the products left, priced at only £6 each, it’s a small price to pay, so treat yourself. All the Baylis & Hardings products featured above  are available through the Amazon website here.