Soft Sage - Doughballs

Here at The Amazing Blog we know everyone loves nibbles and do you know what everyone loves even more? Doughballs and cheese, mustn't forget the cheese! We've all been in the situation when there is one left on the plate and everyone wants it. Now, imagine that pressure and awkwardness times 10 because these dough balls are extra special AND we have a packed office... Oh my goodness we were just in heaven withSoft Sage‘s beautifully delicious gluten free dough balls and unlike others, these contain no added sugar, yeast, wheat corn, codex wheat starch or xanthan gum.

We were really impressed with the entire operation that Soft Sage is running. Not only are they able to get frozen products which then need to be baked safely through the post, they also offered to come cook them for us. Luckily for us we can operate an oven with some flair, so we declined this gracious offer. Hot out of the oven, these little balls of gluten free dough (VIP to mention!) and potato are just divine. We tried the Tomato, Basil & Cheese, Original Cheese, Garlic & Cheese, and Rosemary & Cheese flavours which were all delicious and perfectly sized for normal snacking or party hors d'oeuvres. We particularly liked the Rosemary & Cheese doughballs, as the infusion of the two flavours worked so well together and they were definitely the most popular here in the office. They are fast, tasty and easy to cook and you can serve these little bites of heaven in the happy knowledge that they’re free from preservatives, flavourings and gluten. We highly recommend getting a stash of theses and keeping them in your freezer for when you have some unexpected guests - they'll soon be inviting themselves back for more!

Soft SageDoughballs are available here for £3.50 for a pack of 10.