Watermans Hair Growth Shampoo and Conditioner


Many of us have the same problem when it comes to haircare - we simply have too much. Endless bottles of cremes, mousses and gels litter our shower racks, and we must confess that some of them have never even been opened. We therefore decided to take decisive action at The Amazing Blog, to find minimal products that encourage your natural hair to shine, without the need to buy the entire haircare aisle. Our solution against hair loss, is the UK based company, Watermans, who have created an award-winning hair growth system pack. This includes their Hair Growth Shampoo and Conditioner, both packed with ingredients that make our scalps tingle, encouraging our hair grow to grown both quicker and stronger. Thank goodness for biotin, caffeine and argan oil!

Founded by husband and wife, Matt and Gail Waterman, the brand aims to provide haircare products that promote faster and thicker hair growth. This is something they have achieved, with sulphate and paraben free products that have grown the brand to become a household name. The Hair Growth Shampoo and Conditioner are full of DHT blocking ingredients (dihydrotestosterone, an androgen hormone responsible for androgenetic alopecia and pattern hair loss), which help to combat hair loss during pregnancy, menopause and in some cases, alopecia. With a unique formula which supplies oxygen to the follicles, this range gives brittle and weak hair new strength, fighting dandruff, flaking skin and itchy scalps.

Focusing on the Grow Me Shampoo, we were pleased to see that it is gender and race neutral, giving everyone the opportunity to presume wonderfully thick and long hair. By stimulating the cell metabolism and providing oxygen, the shampoo helps with undiagnosed scalp problems and hormonal imbalances that can cause hair loss. With the use of biotin, caffeine, argan oil, rosemary oil, you’ll need to leave the product on the scalp for 3-4 minutes to reap the full benefits - giving you plenty of time to sing your heart out. The Cholesterol Conditioner, with caffeine and rosemary extracts, contains a special anti-hair loss formula which boosts our hair, by replenishing and nourishing from roots to tip. To achieve the best results, the products are recommended to be used four times a week for 30-60 days.

We’re already sold, but if you're not sure, then this UK based company is listed by PETA as a business friend, highly against animal testing. If you’re as excited as we are about these products, then you can purchase Watermans' Hair Growth System Pack, containing both the Shampoo and Conditioner (250ml each) for £21.95 here.

Nouri Herbal Shots

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You might associate Herbology with Harry Potter fandom, rather than health and wellbeing; and although we love Ms. Sprouts’ classes, the newly growing herbal community is showing us at The Amazing Blog, that it can work it’s magic even on us common muggles. Newly founded company, NOURI is proving it’s worth in this domain, taking us back to our natural roots, with a range of alcohol-free and highly concentrated herbal shots.

Founders, Lia Schmökel and Danielle Sheridan wanted to create products that help us to integrate a healthy routine into busy lifestyles. Their herbal shots make it easy to treat our bodies to some natural goodness without being dogmatic about it, allowing us busy bees to keep our bodies and minds at their optimum. The shots come in different forms, you can buy their Focus, Boost or Lust shots seperately, or you can choose from a ready-made pack. Whichever you choose, you can be sure that the contents have been designed to aid the human biorhythm.

We tried their individual shots, Focus, Boost and Lust. Focus contains energising ingredients, such as eleuthera and Siberian ginseng. These power ingredients help boost physical and psychological performance, without any side effects, while, green tea extracts help to awaken our senses. Limes, liquorice root and bitter orange create a powerful and refreshing taste that makes your mornings feel light and fresh, even if they are packed with invoices and tax returns.

Boost provided us with the will to carry on, after we had our third back-to-back meeting of the day. The use of Inca herb maca is noteworthy, a specialist ingredient when it comes to fighting against drowsiness, which creates an energetic outcome when combined with ginger, oregano, guarana and nutmeg. In addition, it also provides our aching muscles with the uplifting kick they deserve, boosting our energy levels for a sustained period of time, as opposed to the kick that we lose quickly after consuming sugary energy drinks.

Finally, we tried Lust, which contains the South African plant damiana, traditionally used as an aphrodisiac during shamanic rituals. This acts as a natural viagra for men and woman, and with additional ingredients like schisandra and cardamom, balance and stamina are notable. The use of chilli also enlightens inner fire, and rosemary, a known herb of passion, strengthens the libido naturally.

If you too would like to enlighten your senses, then visit the NOURI website here, where you can purchase your own bottles of Focus, Boost and Lust. They’re available either as a single purchase (a minimum of 6 bottles), or as part of a monthly package.


Cherokee Rose Balms


Here at The Amazing Blog, we’re always looking for natural products that boost our beauty and wellbeing at the same time. This week we present you Cherokee Rose, a brand with 100% natural healing balms made from traditional Native American Recipes. Recently launched in the UK, they bring us a solution for swollen legs, bruises and cuts, as well as sleeplessness and a lack of concentration.

Created by Caroline Biggs, whose late Great Grandmother was a Cherokee Native American, the four different balms have been formulated with love and dedication to their heritage. The Cherokee Rose Pow Wow Concentration Lip Balm gives a sleepy head a full boost of concentration in the morning, with less need for a caffeine fix. Compounded of rosemary oil, which is known for its brain clarifying properties, peppermint oil which boosts memory and Yarrow Oil which releases tension, it’s the ultimate energy source to keep your lips and mind running smoothly.

Furthermore, if you feel your legs don’t work like they used to before, the Cherokee Rose Rain Dance Aching Leg Balm is your friend in need, (alongside Ed Sheeran of course). It helps to soothe swollen, aching or varicose legs with enriched basil oil, lavender oil, yarrow oil and ginger oil. All of these ingredients have anti-inflammatory properties, and therefore work anti rheumatic wonders on your legs. The balm helps to increase the blood circulation, reducing swelling. A quick run to the tube isn’t a problem anymore!

The third balm is the Cherokee Rose Dream Catcher Balm, for night owls that are in desperate need of a good night's sleep. Containing lavender, chamomile and yarrow oils, it calms body and mind, and lets you sink into a sweet dream, making you feel energised the next day. For it to work its magic, you should apply it to the temples 30 minutes before sleeping.

The fourth balm in the group, Chereokee Rose Medicine Man, helps to heal cuts and burns with healing ingredients like jojoba oil, coconut oil and arnica oil. It also contains tea tree, cypress and yarrow oil; helping to soothe the trials of athlete's foot. This product makes your sore feet smell like a rose bed, and the highly antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties make it a true medicine cabinet worthy balm.

The four balms come in a 30ml package and are 100% cruelty-free and natural. At £5.50 each, they're a bargain made by the gods. Click here to check them out!

Soft Sage - Doughballs

Here at The Amazing Blog we know everyone loves nibbles and do you know what everyone loves even more? Doughballs and cheese, mustn't forget the cheese! We've all been in the situation when there is one left on the plate and everyone wants it. Now, imagine that pressure and awkwardness times 10 because these dough balls are extra special AND we have a packed office... Oh my goodness we were just in heaven withSoft Sage‘s beautifully delicious gluten free dough balls and unlike others, these contain no added sugar, yeast, wheat corn, codex wheat starch or xanthan gum.

We were really impressed with the entire operation that Soft Sage is running. Not only are they able to get frozen products which then need to be baked safely through the post, they also offered to come cook them for us. Luckily for us we can operate an oven with some flair, so we declined this gracious offer. Hot out of the oven, these little balls of gluten free dough (VIP to mention!) and potato are just divine. We tried the Tomato, Basil & Cheese, Original Cheese, Garlic & Cheese, and Rosemary & Cheese flavours which were all delicious and perfectly sized for normal snacking or party hors d'oeuvres. We particularly liked the Rosemary & Cheese doughballs, as the infusion of the two flavours worked so well together and they were definitely the most popular here in the office. They are fast, tasty and easy to cook and you can serve these little bites of heaven in the happy knowledge that they’re free from preservatives, flavourings and gluten. We highly recommend getting a stash of theses and keeping them in your freezer for when you have some unexpected guests - they'll soon be inviting themselves back for more!

Soft SageDoughballs are available here for £3.50 for a pack of 10.

St Kitts Herbery - Rosemary & Bergamot

Here at The Amazing Blog we love beauty, especially when it’s home grown. So when niche beauty brand St Kitts Herbery sent us a Rosemary and Bergamot gift set to test out, we were all very curious to try them out.

Together with St Kitts Herbery's wonderful Rosemary & Bergamot range, also came their rather special Clay Face Mask.There’s something very charming about products which include a selection of local scented flowers and plants from their area and we also love the way that their Rosemary & Bergamot is home grown too. When they arrived, the scent of the products radiated through the packaging, which made us even more excited to dive in. The shower gel and shampoo used together made showering a flowery delight, and by using the body lotion in tandem too meant that we found that the fragrance lasted even longer... As for the clay face mask, most people are aware of the positive effect of clay on skin but may only ever get the chance to use it in situ if on a holiday excursion in the Red Sea. Now with St Kitts' help, the natural clay facial experience can be recreated in your very own bathroom. The mask has a lovely thick texture, which soaks into the skin and when left on for the recommended time of 10 minutes, leaves it feeling silky soft and refreshed. To think that St Kitts Herbery began life in 2001, with just £2000 and as old truck-stop style cafe in Cornwall, but has since evolved into a gorgeous beauty brand offering perfectly natural yet luxurious products is a very inspirational story indeed.  Certainly their hard work is now reflected in these products and if you’re after something 100% British, natural  and with a luxurious feel then St Kitts Herbery is a must!

The Rosemary & Bergamont Luxury Gift Set and Clay Face Mask can be purchased here for £11.95 each, along with various other delights.