Tasty and refreshing cocktail from Brazil

Maybe it’s my Spanish heritage but for me, and at this time of year, after a long day in the Amazing PR office, the best way to relax and unwind is to sip on a refreshing cocktail to make me feel myself again :) (remember I have been sitting down for 7 hours now!).

Today I’m going to bring you a tasty and refreshing cocktail straight from Brazil - perfect now that all the shops are filling up with juicy ripe summer fruit. My inspiration came the other day when I was with my friend from Rio who introduced me to her own version of the authentic Caipirinha (and who better to get some secret tips from?) I always thought that a Caipirinha was a combination of lime, mint, soda, and cachaca but I was very intrigued when she started to muddle (well, mash would probably be more accurate) kiwi’s, strawberry’s and passion fruit. I was even more impressed when she opened her cachaca bottle and told me it was infact Abelha Cachaca, an organic cachaca, and I’m told the perfect base to create this fresh concoction.

Here is her very easy recipe:

Pick a selection of your favourite fruit (try to avoid apples or pears, preferably pick something watery like, strawberry, watermelon or kiwi) and chop up into small pieces. Put your fruit into your glass and mash up or ‘muddle’,’ (don’t worry if this isn’t done perfectly, the bigger pieces of fruit will soak up the cachaca for a treat at the end!). Now add 3 teaspoons of brown sugar to sweeten and a healthy measure of Cachaca. Top with crushed ice and enjoy!

What could be healthier, Organic Cachaca, ice, fruit and a bit of sugar? What’s more, being organic, Abelha Cachaca is free from chemicals which many people believe mean less severe hangovers…why not see for yourself? You can nip into Whole Food Market, Harvey Nichols or order online from www.thedrinkshop.com