For your everyday bag

As someone who is blessed/cursed (I am still undecided) with pale skin I am especially prone to burning during the summer months. So while the more olive-skinned amongst you are exposing yourselves to every dying ray, I am hiding under hats, umbrellas, trees and every other shade proffering object I can find (though it will be me having the last laugh in 20 years time...). That is why this summer Sun Shots are going to become one of my must-have essentials. Sun Shots are 20ml pouches of sunscreen, the perfect size to throw in your handbag before heading out for the day. Their small size means that they eliminate the need to carry bulky leaking bottles of sunscreen around.

They are perfect for days out and about this summer - festivals, picnics etc. I am guessing any parents out there will also find them a godsend when they are caught short out and about with their offspring - we all know how remarkably changeable British weather can be!  They are the kind of thing you can just throw in your everyday bag or even keep in the car ready for when they may be needed. SPF 25 and complete protection against harmful UVA and UVB rays means they are ideal for guarding against any nasty sunburns. I personally am a real fan of the scent, not your typical sunscreen smell, and the fact that it rubbed in easily without leaving any greasy residue on my skin.

Check out the full list of Sun Shots stockists here.

A single use pouch retails for £1.49 while a pack of 10 costs £12.