Super Supper Clubs

Supper Goes Crazy at SupperClub

This month SupperClub plays host to a limited series of exclusive performances by the world famous avant-garde cabaret Crazy Horse Paris. The iconic Parisian burlesque show known for its stage shows performed by their ultra-glamorous dancers known for their beauty and talent will perform their UK debut for lucky diners at the newly refurbished SupperClub in Ladbroke Grove. Spectators can enjoy a lavish three course dinner followed by entertainment from Le Crazy Horse in what has been dubbed ‘Crazy moments from Paris – a series of seductive moments.’ Famous fans of the 60 year old show include Elvis Presley, Elizabeth Taylor, John F Kennedy and more recently Madonna and Beyonce.

Until 26th June

Dinner and Show £65


12 Acklam Road,


‘A Dorians Dinner’

Award winning comedy duo, The Marvellous Dorians, introduce London’s first comedy Supperclub at Exmouth Markets’ The Mission Room. Dubbed by Vogue as ‘people set to define the generation,’ and winners of a Time Out Critics Choice award Luke Courtenay-Smith and Emeka Ene aka The Marvellous Dorians combine comedy with cabaret acts, magic tricks and hypnosis. Although exact details of the show are being kept under wraps, guest are told to expect “spontaneous interaction between restaurateurs and diners." During the two-day pop-up taking place on the 2nd and 3rd of June guests will be able to enjoy a three course meal including starters of vanilla-soused mackerel, seared corn-fed chicken slathered in foie gras-butter for mains and chilli and lime cheesecake with Champagne jewels all “within an improvised comedy setting taking place within the restaurant context.”

£25 per person including 3 course dinner (not including drinks) and comedy show. Starts at 7pm.

26 Exmouth Market





 Fugu Supper Club

Finally, next month sees the launch of what’s being hailed as the, ‘UK’s most dangerous supper club.’ The Fugu Supper Club is the first dining experience to serve the notorious ‘Torafugu’ or ‘tiger blowfish’ in the UK. Although the rare delicacy has been eaten by Japenese gourmets and is a celebrated dish in Japan it is not permitted for sale in the EU. However, it is now available for adventurous London diners to try for themselves as Fugu Supper Club have managed to bring small amounts into the country for personal consumption at private dinner parties.

Torafugu is the most prestigious of the edible pufferfish species however it is also the most toxic of marine creatures due to the lethal amounts of the poison tetrodotoxin it contains. One fish contains enough poison to kill 30 adults and the fish has to be carefully prepared by highly skilled chefs to remove the toxic parts of its anatomy and to avoid contaminating the edible flesh. Hmmm, we’re thinking carefully about this one...

The pop-up launches in London at various locations, which could range from a grand central London mansion to an unoccupied gallery space. Thrill-seekers will be able to enjoy a champagne reception before sitting down to a six-course, ‘omakase fugu’ feast prepared by experienced chefs.

Adventurous diners are asked to register their interest through the Fugu Supper Club website and if you’re lucky enough to be chosen you will be emailed a time and location of your sitting. It must be said that the experience doesn’t come cheap, tickets are £250 a head and places are limited. Get in quick as the Fugu Supper Club is running for a limited time only.