Personal stylists...on beer money

If your own personal style can be a bit slapdash and you are always the last to find out about the newest it-bag or shoe style of the moment, then a little help from StylistPick will prove a godsend. This is a one stop shop for the latest must-have accessories that are selected specifically for you - but without the usual celebrity stylist price tag (Princess Bea maybe take note for your next royal engagement?!). Combining the convenience of online shopping with the luxury of a personal stylist in a monthly membership package means you can soon be on your way to a wardrobe any fashionista would be proud of.

To help the fashion gurus at StylistPick pin down your unique style you first have to take their style quiz. I am usually a quiz-phobic, clicking manically until it is over, but I rather enjoyed this one with its selection of celebrity style inspirations to choose between and even offering my feedback on some current on-the-money accessories. Once they have got a handle on your personal style (nothing worse than turning out boho babe when you are in fact more punk rock influence), the fashion experts at StylistPick will then work through the current hottest accessories to match you with a personally tailored selection of bags and shoes each month. Something rather like a magazine’s ‘best of’ page will be delivered to your inbox each month, but this one is edited with your personal style in mind. There is no fee or strings attached to becoming a member, if you see something, or several things, in your style edit that takes your fancy you can purchase them for just £39.95 each.

There is no obligation to buy something each month (we may want to look like we have a celeb stylist but we don’t always want to be faced with the credit card bill). If you are a new StylistPick member and have not chosen to buy anything from your personal showroom you will not pay anything. Once you have purchased something via StylistPick all you have to do is visit your showroom between the 1st and 5th of the month and choose the ‘skip month’ option and you will not pay anything. If you don’t choose to skip the month or pick an item then the £39.95 will become full credit to be used on the site at any time.

So if you fancy becoming a member of an exclusive fashion service, providing you with unparalleled access to the latest trends (not to mention being able to get your hands on them for £39.95) and the leading style experts – including Grace Woodward, Louise Roe and Arabella Greenhill - before anyone else. Then get signed up to StylistPick now and wait for your fashionista friends to start getting accessory envy.