No guilt-laden calories

With summer here and my new MiH Marrakesh jeans still a teensy bit tight I have put a strict ban on any sweet treats in the house or office – anyone determined to flout this rule has to keep their contraband well hidden from view. So when I heard about Cook with Lisa’s dessert-themed scented candles I hoped this may be a way for me to get a sneaky sweet fix, with no guilt-laden calories.

The choice of four mouth-watering flavours, Apple Pie, Shortbread, Raspberry Sorbet and Pineapple Flambé presented me with a bit of a dilemma, but the Raspberry Sorbet won out in the end. The creator Lisa Roukin, who is also a talented cooking teacher and chef (Cordon Bleu no less), was inspired by memories of the scents of her mother’s kitchen. I can imagine my Raspberry Sorbet candle bringing a little burst of summer flavour to a less than summery day. The candles also have the unique twist of a tried and tested recipe on the label, so if you get some serious cravings while burning you can recreate the dish for real.

Each candle has a 50 hour burn time and is handmade in the UK with British ingredients. Cook with Lisa candles are £14.99 and available here