Summer Karaoke

If, like me, you’re prone to losing your friends after 5 minutes in packed clubs, regret wearing your 6 inch heels the moment you walk in the door as all you want to do is sit down and hate having to wait half an hour to order your drink then you’ll be as excited as me to find out one of London’s most popular clubs has answered all my partying needs!

This Summer Mahiki is offering visitors to their Dover Street Tiki themed hangout the ultimate private playroom. The Polynesian inspired night club known for their lethal Mahiki Treasure Chest cocktails and celebrity fans have just opened a brand new private suite mysteriously named the No-Tell Motel room. The Vegas-style concealed room is based on a 1970’s motel complete with shag pile carpets, carrots squawking in the trees and your very own Lucky Voice karaoke room.  Like all good motels the room comes with a double bed, kitchen, lounge, fancy dress outfits, comedy props, a specially designed Southern Comfort cocktail menu and your very own personal Mahiki waiter to bring you all your food and drink orders direct to your room (OK, maybe this isn’t any ordinary motel). The room can hold up to 25 guests making it the perfect place to party and what’s more, after a tiring night of drinking, dancing and singing your heart out at karaoke with your nearest and dearest you can catch a few zzz’s before check out.

The No-Tell Motel is available to hire in two allocated time slots 5.30pm-9pm and 9.30pm-3am. Go to to find out more.