The Bluebeards Reverge

I know a lot of men out there will empathise when I say I find the daily rigmarole of  wet shaving a real chore and often opt for an extra 10 mins in bed followed by a hasty run-over with the electric razor instead. Sure, in the short term this is going to get the job done, but the thing about stubble is that it keeps coming in, day out in fact. Guys we have to resign ourselves that, unless we are actively looking to resemble a modern day cave man, shaving is an unavoidable part of life...

So I was intrigued to hear about a range of shaving products called The Bluebeards Revenge that claims to contain a ‘unique and exciting active ingredient – Decelerine’. This has been proven to reduce hair growth as well as nourishing and moisturising the skin, meaning that over time your shaving experience can become less of a hassle. Not only this, but the amount of lather you get from the smallest amount of this product is phenomenal, oh and no parabens which is always a bonus.

I like the old school pot and brush combo, it reminds me of watching my dad shaving as a young boy, and I found the whole experience satisfyingly easy and less of a headache than it usually is...and apparently it is only going to get less so with further use – massive bonus!

With 50p of every sale going to The Fire Fighters Charity it is a feel good experience for all involved. Get it here.

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