Villages of Hope Bra Bank Initiative

Here at Amazing PR we love an excuse to go shopping and what better reason than donating all our old bras to a good cause meaning we have a legitimate excuse to go and buy pretty new underwear?! I’m sure all woman have at least a few unwanted or off-white bras hanging around at the back of the chest of drawers that we have either outgrown or got bored of and will never see the light of day again. And let’s face it, as much as we may love the comfort and durability of our 3-year-old no nonsense bras sometimes we need to have a good old spring clean.

Until the 1st July (so be quick!) charity initiative 'Bra Bank' is encouraging women to donate their old and unwanted bras to send to remote villages in Kenya and Zimbabwe through the charity Villages of Hope to give those in need a little physical support and comfort with the help of a pre-loved bra. The Villages of Hope charity provides food, education and healthcare to needy communities, and the bras will be donated to women there, so they have the physical support they need while working their land and looking after their children. By donating old lingerie you will be able to help communities across the world in a practical way and know that after the vital support the bra has given you, it can go on to help someone else. Any bras not shipped to Africa will be recycled by BCR Textiles who pay £1 per kilo for bras collected and send a cheque directly to the Breast Cancer Campaign (

Bra Bank are asking for any style of bra (preferably not too sexy or see-through) and any size, especially very large or very small sizes (maternity or nursing bras are fine). Please wash all bras before donating them and check the straps and clasps are in working order and there are no rips or tears. Please note they are only collecting bras, so no knickers/other lingerie.

Go to to find your nearest Bra Bank or send your unwanted bras to:

Bra Bank

c/o The Orchid Group

Park Mill

Burydell Lane

Park Street

St Albans