Good Gym


Do good, get fit. This is the mantra of GoodGym, an organisation with the goal of combining fitness and community activities, with encouraging runners to spend time helping others. As we sometimes struggle with the motivation to exercise at The Amazing Blog, we think this is an excellent solution.

In a nutshell, GoodGym’s concept is to make the most out of the time spent running. This is in the form of running to and from activities, whether that be to help an elderly person who need’s a lightbulb changing, or running to a group gardening activity at a community centre. The motto of Good Gym? Why waste your energy at the gym when you could use it to improve other people’s lives?


Winning first prize in 2008 at the Social Innovation Camp, GoodGym was formed as a non-profit organisation in 2009. The company itself is commissioned by local authorities and the NHS, testamant to the benefits of getting involved. Over 1 million people aged 65 and over admit to always, or often feeling lonely, and recruiting volunteers has become increasingly difficult as a result of busy work and private lives. This is where GoodGym noticed a niche, focusing on creating an easy method of committing to a long-term project.


GoodGym provides three different types of runs. On Mission Runs, you run to help older people with every-day tasks, such as gardening, or changing a lightbulb. It gives you the chance to run different routes each week, while having a significant effect on someone’s life. On Coach Runs, you see an isolated person on a regular basis. This only claims about 20 minutes of your week, and besides giving someone something to look forward to, having a commitment can also increase your likelihood of completing exercise. On Group Runs, you get the chance to run with other people from your community, completing tasks such as planting trees for your local park, running back together to stretch with a qualified trainer. All this is completed within 90 minutes, fitting easily into your daily routine.

In terms of commitment, there is no specific pressure, GoodGym aims to achieve your fitness goals, while helping the community. How often, and where you do this is, is up to you, but if you sign up to visit an older person, then it is understandable that this commits you to at least one run per week. Mission and group runs are more flexible, and can be attended whenever you like. There really is a solution for everyone here, with support available from qualified trainers at all times. Signing up is easily achieved online, and although membership is free, there is a voluntary donation of £9.95 per month if you so wish. Visit the GoodGym website for frequently asked questions, here.

Currently operating in 47 areas, with a futher 73 in proposal, you’ll be sure to find a local group (especially in London). Check out the availability in your area on the GoodGym website here.

The Rugby Fragrance

Everybody ready for the long awaited Rugby World Cup kick off? The Amazing Blog is literally pawing to reach the TV later today to enjoy the first match, but there’s something pretty curious going on among our amazing male team.

As preparing for the date of their life we spotted some of them spraying on the new Rugby Fragrance. We furtively sprayed a dash in the air to understand why they liked it so much and the answer is the mix of notes that work together to create a classy but young and sensual cologne. Warm amber and wood to draw attention, an explosion of citruspepper and peppermint to awaken the senses with a final touch of jasmine and nutmeg.

Although it has been created for men, us girls here in the office love it too - watch out boys as it might easily go missing from your desks! The design is also unique, with a glass rugby ball adorning the top of the bottle, and not only does it smell great, but for each bottle sold The Rugby Fragrance will give a donation to the Wooden Spoon Children’s Charity of Rugby.

The Rugby Fragrance is available here for £24.99

Frederique's Christmas Wish List

I’m the type of girl who loves to experiment with different kinds products and gadgets and companies. This is why I find working with the girls at The Amazing Blog so fun… who doesn’t love trying something new? My Christmas wish list consists of a unique bundle of a different kinds of products, ranging from as far as chargers to liquor. So without further ado, let the shopping begin!

The first thing on my Christmas list is The Kissable Charger. Nowadays, hardly anybody is able to live without their phone, myself included. I always thought to myself, why can't I have cute charger that is a little girly or that will add some sparkle? Then I came across FBG: an innovative technology company with the newest chargers, including my new love; The Kissable Charger. This charger is both cute and creative for it looks like a real Coco Chanel Lipstick. Both chic and functional, the charger is able to charge your phone for 2 to 3 hours. Buy your charger here for only £29.99, and be charged all day long.

As I’ve said before, I’m definitely a girly girl. In order to make my girly look complete, I love to wear some cute bracelets along with a watch. So you can guess how excited I was when I came across these Birambi bracelets made by two enthusiastic Dutch Girls. Being from Holland, I obviously have a soft spot for this company. Not only are they Dutch, but they’ve made a great ‘Make-your-own-bracelet’ concept that is fit for any girl like me who loves to accessorise on a regular basis. Here’s how it works: You choose a card. You select a bracelet, colour and write a personal message. And that's it. That's really all there is to it. What better gift is there than one that is personally made from the heart? Starting at €4 they are affordable as well. Visit the website to take these bracelets for a spin! 

Besides my hand jewellery, I wanted to add a little bit of sparkle to my eyebrows. So I came across the Bling Brow Kit created by Benefit Cosmetics. With the Bling Brow Kit, you can decorate your brows and light up the room with a sparkling set of Swarovski crystals. Each set comes with 52 crystals and a pair of mini tweezers. They also come in different colours including my favourites, Rose Gold and Greige. Just pull the black backing sheet off and pick up the crystals with tweezers to place them either on the skin near the brow or directly on the brow. Although I’m not one to decorate my body with jewellery, the brow crystals really enhance the appearance of your eyebrows and show off your edgy side.

You can purchase the artsy Bling Brow Kit for £19.50 at selected Benefit Brow Bars and wear them on a fun night out with the girls. All eyes will definitely be on yours. 

Not only do I love to dress up, but I also enjoy going out and grabbing a drink with my girlfriends. Recently I came across Snow Leopard Vodka, which I’ve slowly but surely fallen in love with. For starters, the bottle looks absolutely great. Additionally, 15% of the profits made go to the ‘save the leopard' charity. When I saw this stunning looking bottle of vodka, I could not resist putting it on my Christmas wish list. Cheers, take a shot and donate to a cause! You can by purchase a 70cl bottle of vodka for £36.00 RRP  at Waitrose, Harvey Nichols and, as well as all good independent drinks retailers OR on their website.

Choc Nibbles Christmas - original.jpg

I've also discovered a delicious selection of chocolates from Sweet Dreams Ltd. called Choc NibblesWe received two different flavours: Original Choc Nibbles and Toffee Crumble. The one I really loved was the Original Choc Nibbles. The taste of these tiny chocolates was just divine, and you could taste that they were made with quality chocolate. It's almost like eating real chocolate milk! Purchase chocolate at your local confectionery, convenience or discount stores, and share these delicious chocolates as a treat after your Christmas Dinner


Nutsu Wasabi Peanuts

Here at the The Amazing Blog, we’ve been looking for a funky alternative to the same old peanuts we’re always snacking on. Thanks to the creators of Nutsu Wasabi Peanuts, our search has finally come to an end.

After two years in the making, what started out just an idea of two brothers was finally cracked and Nutsu Wasabi Peanuts was born. What makes this product so unique is unlike other “wasabi flavour” snacks, (which just use horseradish), Nutsu products are made with real wasabi. Ideal for a quick snack, these crunchy bite-sized treats have perfected the ultimate balance of spicy and salty flavour, which that will always keep us wanting more.

The creators of Nutsu intended for the nuts to be eaten while drinking beer. Because of this, Nutsu is now available in over 400 pubs and bars across London and the UK. Nevertheless, don’t let this fact limit you to enjoying the nuts during all times of the day. We’ve discovered that they are equally as tastey when devoured on their own on any occaisaion. Additionally, Nutsu gives 10% of all of their profits to charity.  Right now they are supporting Action Against Hunger.

If you live in the UK, Nutsu will give you a packet for FREE by simply liking their Facebook page. If you like what you taste and wish to enjoy the snack outside of a pub, contact Nutsu on their website for details.

Friday Favourites: Think Pink for Breast Cancer Research

As you might already know, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and with breast cancer being the most common form of cancer in the UK currently it has never been so important to raise awareness of the symptoms of this horrible disease. Here at The Amazing Blog, we have been collecting a range of our favourite products that are currently raising money for this wonderful cause by donating a portion of their profits to breast cancer charities. Desert Rose Face Oil Boxed PINK 15mlBodhi are an eco-luxury skincare brand based on the philosophy that a good natural skincare routine will not only boost your skin, but also your wellbeing. The Bodhi products use traditional botanical remedies as the basis of their skincare range, using only 100% natural essences. To support the cause of Breast Cancer Research, Bodhi have created the Desert Rose Rejuvenating Face Oil Limited Pink Edition. This is a luxurious facial oil is based on the Bulgarian Damask Rose and features Argan Oil, which has skin renewal qualities and Rose Hip Oil which has anti-aging properties. Bodhi founder, Elijah Choo says “Our aim is to empower and inspire women to support this tremendous cause by helping to reinforce body confidence during breast cancer.” To support the work of this fantastic charity, Bodhi are donating £10 to Breast Cancer Research from every sale. You can purchase the Desert Rose Rejuvenating Face Oil for £38 from the Bodhi website.

6a00d8341c565553ef019affb020cc970cDell’Ugo have created a very special pasta to raise money for Breast Cancer Research this October. The new edition to their fresh pasta line is the exciting Beetroot and Goat's Cheese Fiorelli, which not only sounds delicious, but looks it too as this pasta is pink! We think that this would be a very quirky choice to serve up at a dinner party as the pasta offers up complex flavour combinations because the beetroot has been tenderly marinated in a relish consisting of pomegranate and mint. You are in safe hands with Dell’Ugo as they have been creating delicious new recipes in the UK since 1929. You can try the special pink pasta yourself as it is available now from Waitrose where it is retailing for £3.49. Dell’Ugo will be donating 10 pence from every pack that is purchased to Breast Cancer Research.

Pink_Of_Hearts2013 pack shotThis October, OPI has launched its seventh annual Special Edition Pink of Hearts 2013 nail duo to promote breast cancer charity Look Good Feel Better. The set contains a gorgeous baby pink polish 'Pink-ing of You' and a Limited Edition glitter polish 'More than a Glimmer' that can be worn over the top of the pink shade. As an added bonus, OPI are giving away free nail decals within the set so you can add crystals and pink ribbon embellishments to complete your look. For every Limited Edition Pink of Hearts kit sold, OPI will donate £2 to Look Good Feel Better. You can purchase your own kit from the OPI website for £18.80.

 paul mitchellTo support the work of the Pink Ribbon Foundation, haircare brand Paul Mitchell have created a limited edition collection: 'The Girls are Alright'. The collection includes the Super Skinny Serum, the Super Strong Daily Shampoo and the Super Strong Daily Conditioner, which are all presented in limited edition packaging to raise awareness of breast cancer. The range aims to improve the appearance and quality of your hair by strengthening and conditioning it. We love the colourful and fun packaging of these lovely hair goodies. You can get your hands on these special products from the Paul Mitchell website where the Super Skinny Serum is available for £17.25 for 150mls, the Super Strong Daily Shampoo is £11.50 for 300ml and the Super Strong Daily Conditioner is £14.25 for Clinique have released a special edition Pink With a Purpose lipstick in the shade 'Pink Ribbon Honey'. The lipstick is a lovely pink colour that will give you a sheer coverage so it will enhance your natural lips without being too heavy. The lipstick also comes with a limited edition pink ribbon case which is perfect for storing makeup essentials in your handbag for reapplication on the go. We love the sleek and luxurious packaging and think it is the perfect size for girls who are always on the move. For every purchase of the Pink With a Purpose Lipstick, Clinique will be donating £2 to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation, and you can show your support now by getting your own from the Clinique website where it retails for £16.