I CAN make shoes

For small feet like mine, finding a pair of adorable shoes that fit can be a long and frustrating process. For flats and trainers I often find myself resorting to the kids department, but how many pairs of killer heels am I going to find shopping there?? (sadly I don’t have Suri Cruise’s budget for customising shoes!). Even more of a pain, when I eventually get a size 2, I find that everyone on the street is usually sporting an identical pair – I am craving a bit of individuality! Well today, I found my fashion solution from I CAN make shoes. I CAN make shoes provides shoe making workshops that teach everything you need to make your own fabulous footwear. You can create your unique shoes for everyday wear as well as for weddings and parties. They also offer an up-cycling workshop for redecorating, re-soling and re-heeling old shoes/boots that you have fallen out of love with to bring them bang up to date. Definitely a fun and economic option that the Amazing PR team loves! From years of successful shoe making experience, Amanda, our shoe making mentor, has developed modern methods to make shoes of high quality without use of heavy machinery. Shoe lovers no longer need to lament their small/big feet since now you can create your own custom made designs with I CAN make shoes. Even more excitingly, special sandal making workshops are now available for Londoners over the summer.

Workshops details and booking are available on their website.