I am a massive fan of body oils, they provide the most amazing moisturising benefits, but I can understand why many people are reluctant to use them, fearing they will be left feeling covered in a greasy residue all day. However a good quality body oil will be completely absorbed in time (it will take a little longer than a normal moisturiser but the benefits are totally worth it) and there are many skin healing, and anti aging benefits that can come from using body oil. The right body oil can alleviate dry skin and provide anti-aging effects that a moisturiser cannot match - in fact when patted onto wet skin it can lock in over ten times the moisture of a normal cream.  I have recently discovered the products from Oleo Bodycare and their range of natural body oils were one of the first things I wanted to try. Containing deeply moisturising almond and olive oils infused with essential oils, the range includes Invigorating, Calming, Detox and Muscle Ease. Calming was a definite fave with its relaxing scents of marjoram, sage and lavender, perfect for ensuring some quality shut-eye.

Oleo products are all handmade and contain no synthetic ingredients and, as an added bonus for a beauty junkie, they don’t have the hefty price tag of the big name brands. Get yours here.