Gorilla Perfume

No we haven’t lost our minds or even morphed into primates over the weekend, far from it in fact, as we are even more fragrant versions of our normal selves today. This is because we have been trying the range of perfumes developed to showcase the perfumery of Mark and Simon Constantine. Rather quirkily called ‘Gorilla Perfume’ - yes slightly lost on the relevance a large primate has to a range of scents too, but lets just go with it shall we? Gorilla Perfumes are made with some of the finest perfumery materials and aim to provide an antidote to boring mass-market scents, along with a movement to get people excited about good quality perfume (guerrilla/gorilla...we think we're seeing how they got there). Choosing a perfume can be a tricky and very personal business so rather handily Gorilla Perfumes have produced a limited edition fragrance kit featuring a small vial of each fragrance. We have mainly been flitting between Imogen Rose (a gorgeous and girly true rose fragrance) and Tuca Tuca (a vibrant and flirty scent with sandalwood and violet). The scents are not overpowering, but you can tell they will stay the whole day – a sign of a good quality perfume.

There are also a number of exclusive and rare fragrances that have been produced in very small quantities, so if you consider yourself a bit of an individual you can get yourself a perfume to match here.