Live Native

Organic, low fat and no preservatives, the Amazing Team like to think we have pretty healthy eating habits—previously mentioned cupcake habit notwithstanding—and we are appreciative of increasingly informative food packaging helping us make sensible choices. So how about the food for our skin? The list of ingredients in skincare products can make for some pretty confusing/terrifying reading and I always have difficulty in finding a perfect fit for my skin. Luckily I have got my hands on some products from Live Native, who produce reliable hand-made organic ‘food’ for our skin. Live Native skincare products are inspired by the life-loving ideas shared by all vegan, raw and organic led lifestyle. They have introduced a new skincare concept by using only the finest nature-intact oils and mineral-rich living plant extracts in their products. All products are raw-blended without heat, which ensures they retain their high store of enzymes, minerals and antioxidants to restore and protect all types of skins. Without adding any colourings, preservatives or petroleum by-products, Live Native are committed to producing the purest, cleanest, and the most nutritious range of products possible. The Essential Woman with Frangipani is a super absorbent skin care moisturiser for all-over face and body conditioning, scented with the essential oil of frangipani and rose that provide an exotic and feminine fragrance. The liquid-based texture leaves my skin revitalised, nourished and soft without feeling oily. I also like the Fresh Feet treatment whose enzyme active and anti-oxidant rich liquid-based balm help to soften and exfoliate my feet while also giving them a refreshing fragrance—a first-class treat for my hardworking feet!

All products are available on the Live Native website

Live Native treatments are available at Ruby May in Wimbledon and Green Space Salons in Birmingham.