Peter Popple's Popcorn

Here at Amazing PR we’re pretty smug that our office ‘snacks’ consist of healthy oat cakes and fruit and our office drink of choice is green tea (with the occasional box of chocolates thrown in when we’re lucky). However, as much as we like to tell ourselves that oatcakes are all we need to munch on when hunger strikes it’s fair to say a little variation wouldn’t go amiss. That’s why this afternoon the Amazing team are happy to have a healthy alternative to reach for when the 3 o’clock hunger pangs strike.

Peter Popple’s Popcorn is a new range of popcorn made with 100% natural flavours and ingredients. Designed to be a healthy and tasty snack for adults and children the popcorn has been ‘air popped’ meaning it has been popped without using any greasy oil. It’s naturally low in fat and each 20g serving contains less than 100 calories. What’s more, it’s also a good source of wholegrain and B vitamins to boost drooping energy levels. There are four flavours to choose from; Cheddar Cheese, Salt & Vinegar, Fruit Chutney and Golden Syrup so that you can get all the flavour from your favourite crisps or curb your sugar cravings without any of the guilt. It’s also perfect for snacking in front of the T.V. or if you want to be really smug you could bring a packet to the cinema while your friends wolf down their butter drenched extra large popcorn buckets!

Peter Popple’s popcorn is available to buy from good independent retailers and deli’s or online via the ‘popshop’ here.