If you’re after a versatile new sauce suitable for both vegetarians and meat eaters, for both the sweet and the savoury, look no further than the fantastic new Tamarind sauce – Chaat-tastic.

Unlike many of its competitors. Chaat-tastic is one-hundred percent natural, made of just water, sugar, salt and tamarind, with no artificial additives and no preservatives. It’s also wheat and gluten free – thus a great option for anyone with food intolerances or those of you who are on a post bank-holiday health kick!

And while most condiments have a limit to their uses (can you use black bean sauce for ANYTHING other than a stir fry?!) Chaat-tastic’s sweet sauce lends itself to a vast array of food. Its bright and modern packaging caught my eye and directed me to the Chaat-tastic website which had some fantastic recipe ideas, and certainly put shame to my trusty pesto and pasta combo.  One of the suggestions was to leave the sauce overnight in the fridge and then use it as a fruity dip for vegetable batons – and sure enough it went brilliantly with chopped up carrots - and is certainly less calorific than hummus! I also tried adding a dollop to plain yoghurt which gives it a fruity kick and is a great alternative to honey. It can also be used as a marinade for meat, chicken and fish and is a great alternative to salad dressing.

With a stall at the fast approaching Olympia Speciality Fine Food Fair the brains behind Chaat-tastic are ready to prove that variety really is the spice of life! For more recipe ideas and stockist information, check out their website.