The Buddha Beauty Company

With winter fast approaching, showers have somewhat lost their appeal and I find myself craving nothing more than a hot bath and glass of wine after a long day at the office. As a great alternative to bubbles (because lets face it, who needs mounds of soapy bubbles getting in the way) I have recently become a bath bomb devotee (far less hassle and SO much more satisfying to watch fizz and colour the water) and was very excited to stumble upon a beautiful range from The Buddha Beauty Company.

The Buddha Beauty Company was founded by Emma and Llewelyn after a decade of exploring the world together where they drew inspiration from their travels, and in particular, the exotic spas of Thailand and the Far East. Their handmade range of body care, room scents and candles prides itself on being all natural, organic and vegan friendly - with a little bit of Buddha beauty magic thrown in for good measure.

I was immediately drawn to their range of bath bombs which come in two different varieties; the standard bath bombs which fizz away in one go or the ‘mallows’ which come in two sizes and are a mix of bath bomb, organic shea butter and cocoa butter for extra moisturisation. Emma and Llewelyn are fragrance connoisseur’s and the bath bombs have been specially developed to combine complimentary fragrances perfectly unlike the overpowering and sickly smell that I’ve come to associate with a well-known handmade cosmetics company (ahem). The bath bombs come in 18 varieties including the good-enough-to-eat (or should that be drink?) ‘Sweet Cherry Pie’ and ‘Fruit fountain’ made with dark chocolate swirls, real raspberries, creamy vanilla and soft caramel (surely enough to tempt even the most reluctant bather into the bath?!). My personal favourite was the Fruit Bellini Bath Creamer with frankincense and sweet orange pure essential oils, cocoa butter and 'top notes of sparkling white wine and rich berry' which had I had a paper umbrella and straw to hand could have easily been mistaken for a giant cocktail. Hot baths and that's my kind of evening in!

The bath bombs are available to buy from the Buddha Beauty Company website here.