Try something new with PitstopX London's jewellery-making classes!

Long gone are the days when a giving home-made present comprising of pasta shells lovingly glued to a piece of coloured cardboard or a blackened batch of burnt jam-tarts resulted in a forced smile and a stiff thank-you. And with the dreaded recession still impacting both the media and our bank balances, there has never been a better time to utilise, or indeed learn, a new skill. As a self-confessed accessories addict, but lacking somewhat in the artistic department, I had never previously considered making my own jewellery until I heard about PitstopX London. Run by Penelope Akester - a London-based jeweller with over 17 years experience – from the comfort of her home in Camden, she offers a variety of jewellery-making classes and workshops with a four person limit, designed to ensure that each student gets paramount attention.   From the Jewellery Making Starter Day to the Japanese Braiding on a Disk Day – there’s something for everyone, whether a novice wanting a taster class, or an accomplished jeweller wanting to hone and develop your skills. I’m hoping to try out the starter day – aimed at complete beginners it covers the basics of how to professionally create beautiful beaded jewellery, including both necklaces, bracelets and, time permitting, earrings. The course teaches how to string a necklace, add a clasp, and knot a gemstone necklace – perfect for amateurs like myself. And for the more learned pupils, the Repairs and Recycling Jewellery Taster Class schools students in the art of turning an earring into a pendant, and repairing broken clasps – ideal for those with hoards of jewellery that has seen better days.

So whether you’re bored of the ten-a-penny jewellery offerings from the high street, or want to make a unique and personal gift for a friend, PitstopX London is definitely worth a visit. And with courses starting at a very reasonable £35, it’s not going to break the bank balance and will almost certainly make a fab change from the aforementioned kitchen crafts!

Any readers of this page can have a £10 (ten pound) discount on any course booked  before the end of September! Just mention  'TheAmazingBlog' when you book at - happy jewellery making!