Fancy indulging in a guilt free treat?

Have you ever gotten a Valentine’s gift of gummy bears? Or had a watermelon sweet during the Holidays? I know I haven’t. Valentine’s day and the Holidays are usually filled with stuffing myself full of fudge until I am sweating chocolate. Normally the after feeling is not quite as pleasant as the consumption. If you’re like me, you need a break from the constant chocolaty gifts and snacks that are always around and are in need of something just as satisfying but something that won’t leave you feeling quite so guilty.

And thankfully, a new company is devoted to giving people those luxury sweets that have always been put on the back burner. Jealous offer irresistable guilt-free sweets that are packaged in gorgeous gift boxes and suitable for everyone including those with special dietary and ethical requirements. All of the products have no artificial colours, no artificial flavours, are alcohol free, gluten free and suitable for vegetarians.

Whether you are looking for a new sweet to try for yourself or a fun present that won’t be the typical truffle or caramel, the Jealous gift will always be the best decision.

Everyone will be Jealous while you indulge in your new guilt-free choices. Exclusively available at Selfridges.