Give your brows a blush...

There’s never a dull moment at Amazing PR and this Monday was spent at ITV’s This Morning offices leisurely sipping mugs of tea and eating toast and marmite in their legendary Green Room. Our Lovely client Karen Betts and I were there rubbing shoulder with likes of Jeff Brazier while chatting to the XFactor head make-up artist Natalya Nair and the lovely Phil Vickery who was regaling us with his delicious pear recipes. This was all because the This Morning’s researchers were putting together a feature on eyebrow treatments and got in touch with us, hoping that Karen Betts might want to lend a helping hand, which, of course, she was delighted to do.

The Eyebrow Masterclass was hosted by glamorous beauty editor Nadine Baggott following a domination of brows on the A/W 11 catwalks. Demonstrating a variety of ways in which eyebrows can be both corrected and maintained, threading and waxing were featured showing how brows can be shaped using these classic techniques. Permanent make-up expert Karen was then asked to carry out her very latest eyebrow procedure, Brow Blushing on This Morning's contributor Felicity McKenzie (see quick snap 'on location' above). Felicity was guilty of over-plucking and hesitant about committing to permanent make up - so this was the perfect treatment for her "WOW I feel instantly glamorous and confident. I just can't stop smiling I love it! I would definitely have the  permanent make up procedure next time." Developed by Karen Betts, the UK’s leading practitioner and trainer in permanent cosmetics, the Brow Blush is available nationwide from any Nouveau Contour trained technician. It is a fantastic way to trial permanent make-up without making a long term commitment. Unlike the more permanent cosmetic tattooing, it penetrates only the surface layer of the skin, and gives fantastic results that last between two and four weeks.

Dissimilar to techniques such as threading and waxing, which focus on hair removal, the Brow Blush is specifically designed for those whose sparse or over-plucked brows are in need of a little help. So for anyone who’s been a bit pluck-happy with their tweezers in the past (like me!) or has naturally sparse eyebrows, who is considering permanent cosmetics but doesn't want to initially make the long term commitment, this is the treatment for you. The Brow Blush is indeed a fabulous alternative to labouring with an unsteady hand with your  eyebrow pencil in order to try and achieve stunning shape and definition. Brow Blushing starts from £100, to find out more please call tel no: 0845 644 3994