Pick a Potion

Many a-Sunday morning I awake with the pain of a crazy night out as well as the drowsiness of a bad nights sleep. I assumed my body’s reactions were part of the consequences of an exciting night on the town and that the remedies would either not work or would be too exhausting to go through the process of making. That was until Faust’s Potions for Discerning Night Owls was called to my attention. Faust’s Potions was created with the intention to naturally and effectively remedy the most common 21st century lifestyle ailments, the hangover. Two potions were formed to support this common party-animal lifestyle: Awake and Asleep. The potions are completely natural and made of a unique blend of vitamins, minerals and herbal extracts that assist in the recovery from ailments related to the sociable lifestyle. There are no pills and no mixing, just shake and drink!

The Orange Awake Potion has two uses for all night owls. You can either use it before a big night out to get your body ready for a fun night or the day after as the not so pleasant effects of alcohol hit you. Personally, I love it in the morning after a night out because it acts like a cup of orange juice and gives me the boost of energy I need for a big day.

The Red Berries Asleep Potion works after you have had that big night on the town and cannot spend the next full day lying in bed trying to get some quality sleep. It is the best night cap that will actually help your quality of sleep. After a vile of this potion I am out like a light and wake with the energy I would after a full 8 hours of sleep.

So whether you’re a discerning night owl yourself, or just need that extra boost to keep your energy at its best, Faust’s Potion will help get you up and running in the right direction!