Total Wardrobe Care

If, like me, your wardrobe is more church hall jumble sale than couture boutique and you long for a fairy godmother to come and miraculously transform your mess into an organised clothes haven then help is at hand thanks to Total Wardrobe Care.

The concept for Total Wardrobe Care was born out of ex-tailor and wardrobe expert Julia Dee’s frustration at not being able to find suitable products and solutions for her clients wardrobes. Julia was determined to find the best products for hanging, storing and protecting her client's clothes and after years of research and developing her products Total Wardrobe Care was born. The range of luxury wardrobe care products and clothing storage is designed to maximise space and keep clothes fresh, fragrant and moth free. From embroidered cotton garment bags to the perfect hanger, the collection is a pretty, practical and effective range of wardrobe care products.

Thanks to a shoe fetish bordering on addiction and sadly no Mr Big to surprise me with a Carrie Bradshaw-esque walk in wardrobe, I was immediately drawn to the shoe care and storage solutions on offer. The stackable and breathable shoe boxes are the ideal shoe storage solution as they have a clear front panel to allow you to find your chosen pair with ease and they are also collapsible so they can be easily stored when not in use. We have also been protecting our clothes with the natural, organic moth deterrant products that not only keep those pesky moths from devouring your favourite cashmere sweaters but leave your clothes lightly fragranced thanks to a blend of essential oils.

Total Wardrobe Care products are available to buy from the website here.