Blue Basil Brownies

The holidays are a time to enjoy relaxing with friends and family, however we all know that more often than not the pressure of the holiday season can be quite overwhelming at times.  On top of Christmas shopping, there are also the dozes of holiday party invites and visits to relatives that must be figured in an already hectic schedule.  After long December days you’ll need all the help you can get!  We recently discovered Blue Basil Gourmet Brownies - a delicious solution to the busiest time of year.

Why spend hours waiting over an oven when you can have mind-blowing chocolat-ey treats delivered straight to your door!?  With over fourteen flavours including gluten-free options for those with dietary restrictions, the brownies from Blue Basil with having you exclaiming out loud (we did!).  You will impress party guests with such decadent flavours as Coffee and Irish Cream, Tiramisu, or the exotic and fragrant Cardamom (winner of the Great Taste Gold 1 Award in 2011!).  You can choose up to four flavours in a box of 12 or 16 brownies; however you may want to buy more as these are sure to go fast!

Along with being irresistibly delicious, Blue Basil Brownies are made with only locally and organically grown products (eggs, flour, and butter) and 70% European chocolate. These brownies get delivered in a lovely box complete with ribbon and a personal message card, making them a perfect (and easy) gift for almost any occasion.  Whether as a last-minute dessert solution during your hectic holiday hours or as a thoughtful way to say ‘Congratulations’ or ‘I love you’, there is no wrong occasion to order the divinely decadent treats from Blue Basil.  With a delivery cost of only £2.25, it’s almost too easy to have these addictive treats brought straight to your doorstep! Available online.