It's Snowing Silk & Sawdust


As the season begins to change and winter clothes start coming out of the attic, my mind always begins to turn over the changes in my personal fashion over the past year. My clothes from the previous year never seem to suit my new sense of style or look disgusting and I end up giving away many of my old clothes. This year I have been determined to buy smart pieces that won’t go out of style and won’t look bad after eight months in storage.  Now this goal seems to be easier said than done, until I stumbled upon the timeless pieces from Silk & Sawdust.


Silk & Sawdust is a vintage-inspired fashion label that bases their designs on the idea of timeless fashion that lasts for seasons to come. Their third Autumn/Winter collection accomplishes just that. They have taken regular styles from this season and tweaked them to create unique pieces that incorporate timeless fashion that can be worn forever. All of the designs are hand-tailored to create the most flattering designs for every person. The fabrics are carefully selected to drape every body type and make each woman feel glamorous.


Owner and designer Claudia Orrell explains: “My favourite wardrobe staples are invariably vintage pieces that are special because they’ve been made with old-fashioned tailoring skills. I felt that the attention to detail was missing in so many modern clothes.”


The Lori skirt has now jumped to my number one item on my Christmas Wish list! It may even have to be my early Christmas to myself because I can’t wait to wear this luscious silk-chiffon skirt in aqua lined with a silver grey satin. It will look fabulous walking down the street at night in the snow! You can order the Lori skirt and more of the fabulous Silk & Sawdust A/W2011 line on their website.