The Mystery of Mooi

On one of my visits to Animal Fair for Mojai’s regular manicure, I spotted a new shop across the road. A rather nice distraction from my dogs appalling  behaviour. Attracted by the myriad of colourful clothes and accessories Mooi lured me in a bit  like a bee to honey…. Mooi is a beautiful shop on High Street Kensington spread over two floors and overlooking its own lovely garden, however its array of unique and one-of-a-kind high fashion pieces makes it hard to notice the scenery.  The shop boasts an impressive list of international labels and hard to find designers such as Tsimori Chisato and Australian designer Meagan Park whose pieces line the walls in bold colours and beautiful fabrics.  Designs by LA stylist Simone Harouch bring a little taste of Hollywood to the High Street, his statement carryalls having graced the arms of such A-list celebrities as Nicole Richie, Julia Roberts, and Miley Cyrus.  Along with its prestigious couture credentials, Mooi’s distinguishing characteristic seems to be its diverstiy; alongside well-established designers, owner Deep Sahni (also the store’s interior designer) has integrated lesser known international labels not likely to be found in any other U.K. retailer.  Beautiful antique Indian jewelry sits alongside covetable and timeless pieces from Phillipa Holland.

Mooi is the kind of shop that will make a fan out of any keen connisseur of high fashion.  Whether you’re out for a shopping day and on a hunt for some of the latest and hottest couture pieces or you’ve got a taste for the unusual and exotic, this small but statement shop is sure to intrigue your tastes and make you a regular visitor- even if it’s just to come in and ogle the latest overseas arrivals to grace the racks.  Mooi is a Kensington must-see and stands alone as a novel boutique in a sea of generic name-brand shops.

If you possibly need anymore reason to go and see this new little High Street jewel, the lovely people at Mooi are offering our readers a 20% discount throughout the month of December!  Show this blog post with codeword MOOI-AMAZING PR when you go in and receive this amazing discount!