A Shoreditch Shopping Experience

With December upon us, most of us will be spending our free time racing to the malls and high streets in a race to get through our Christmas lists.  Shopping for loved ones is one of the best parts of the holiday season, however it can get a bit exhausting with the endless hours of department store digging and trudging through the masses on Oxford Street. If you’re looking for something to renew your excitement for the Christmas shopping experience, you will be delighted with the latest shopping concept literally popping up on the East End tomorrow (Saturday December 3rd).  Boxpark, a pop-up shopping mall, will open in Shoreditch and will host 60 hand-selected retailers of art, fashion, and lifestyle goods as well as cafes and food venues.

             The portable mall, made up of ‘box shops', is composed of shipping crates stripped and refit to create this wide assortment of both mainstream name brands such as Nike, Calvin Klein, and Lacoste, as well as more alternative and independent labels such as Playful Promises and Farah Vintage.  The idea of this mall is to put fashion ‘back on the street’ which is exactly what it does, creating a raw and edgy experience that stands in stark contrast to pre-packaged mall chains such as Westfield that generally include all the same stores and fail to offer any kind of excitement or novelty.

 Following this trend, Boxpark also aims to include smaller local retailers by selling their spaces at affordable rates.  While you can plan on finding some of your favourite brands at Boxpark, you are also sure to stumble into some new favourites that you perhaps never would have otherwise.  This off-the-beaten-path shopping experience is surely going to be one to remember and not to miss.  While creators of the pop-up mall have plans for other possible future locations, you can have the privilege of seeing the world’s first ever pop-up mall right here in our very own Shoreditch and whilst doing so tick off a few more boxes on your Christmas list!