Stylish Sami Bracelets

I am a person who absolutely loves to accessorize. Yet I find it incredibly difficult to discover a special product that looks unique yet fabulous all in one. I believe I have found one of those uniquely brilliant products with Comfy Clogs line of Swedish Samibracelets. The Swedish Lapland leather bracelets are gorgeous and unique mixed with all sorts of creative energy. The collection of bracelets features traditional braiding used in original Sami culture as well as modern and hip new styles with beads and pearls. There is a style for every personality, and even every gender! The products are great for women as well as men.

The bracelets are made using Sami embroidery with pewter wire on reindeer leather or top grade lambskin. This traditional Sami culture craft is coveted throughout the world and normally sold at insane prices. All of the work is so intricate and well made it is hard to imagine sitting down and making! No wonder the beautiful bracelets are so coveted.

The company also has a wide range of clogs (hence the name Comfy Clogs) that use the same quality of craftsmanship and style of the bracelets. You can order the browse and order products on their website. For additional information you can call Cecilia on 0781 575 0340 or 020 8780 9767.

So whether you are looking for the latest addition to your jewellery collection or just looking for a way to treat someone you love (don’t worry that someone can be yourself), check out Comfy Clogs’ brilliant Swedish Samibracelets.