Byron Bay Cookies

Yesterday was, according to reports, the day that three-quarters of people broke their New Year’s Resolutions. So in addition to having to face the fact that it was a Monday, and indeed another gloomy start to another long week at work, it was also the day that greatest amount of resoluters were most likely to skip the gym, have a crafty fag or indulge in some forbidden chocolate. And while I may not have been a direct casualty of the curse of January 9th, having made specifically ‘vague’ resolutions, my ‘healthy eaten plan’ had certainly seen better days, particularly with the arrival of the deliciously decadent Byron Bay Cookies.

With a variety of flavours, including the mouth-watering White Choc Chunk & Macadamia Nut, Museli and Triple Choc Fudge they are the ultimate in indulgent treats and certainly not to be missed - diet or no diet!

In 1990, founders Maggi Miles and Gary Lines, inspired by the picturesque Byron Bay in Australia played around with ingredients to create the cookies that nowadays are sold all over the world. Since they found worldwide fame with their fabulous flavours, the company name officially changed to Byron Bay Cookie Company. They now bake over 50 million cookies a year that are sold in over 40 countries worldwide. In 2007 Byron Bay Cookie Company signed a deal with one of the UK most prestigious bakeries to produce the cookies in this country, which also meant they could be certified by The Vegetarian Society as they now contain only free range eggs. On their website you can also find their green creed: they now ship orders by sea rather than air and their packaging is bleach free and 100% recyclable, so all the more reason to treat yourself!

If your mouth is watering at the thought alone, you can find Byron Bay Cookies in a number of stores, including both Sainsbury’s and Selfridges. They are also available to buy at And you can follow them on both twitter and facebook, where you can find out more about this fabulous baker company including all their product flavours.