Hug it Out

Now that the whole world and his wife seem to own a pair of those sheepskin boots (no mentioning of the U word here), how do you make yourself stand out from the crowds of identikit clones? Don’t worry we aren’t suggesting you give up comfort and warmth and expose your tootsies to the elements this winter, but how about finding a way to make it all a little less ‘samey’...  


We have just discovered Boot Hugs, a range of boot tassels and accessories that allow the wearer to customise and individualise their boots. Boot Hugs are a clever little invention allowing you to give a facelift to a pair of old boots, or add a distinctive twist to an outfit. The simple design (we wish we had thought of this one) consists of a decorative band that can be worn either at the top or at the ankle of the boot. They are made from a variety of different materials such as feathers, fur, suede fringe and ribbons and include embellishments such as charms, beads and crochet. We  ♥ these feather ones!

Retailing at around £20 a pair, they are a damn sight more affordable than a new pair of boots and have the added bonus of allowing you to play a bit fast and loose with your personal fashion flair.

Next time don’t go and spend £150 on a new pair of boots, instead save yourself some money, buy yourself a couple of Boot Hugs, create your own distinctive look and ensure you won’t end up looking matchy matchy with the girl sitting next to you on the tube.

Boot Hugs are avaliable to buy from and cost £20.

Luxurious Sheepskin boots are from £70.  Sizes 4 – 8 . Height 31cm. Available in Black, Sand and Chestnut.