Sumptuous Silk - One of Life's Little Luxuries

With Christmas just around the corner how about treating yourself to something so luxurious and indulgent that you’ll be reclining on a chaise lounge eating peeling grapes in the style of an old Hollywood star before you know it (this is how we like to imagine the likes of Grace Kelly and Marlene Dietrich spent their time). Alternatively if you are in the process of dropping subtle (or not so subtle) hints about the items on your Christmas wishlist, ‘The Essential Collection’ from Anne Wiggins should be top of that list. Anne’s debut collection of loungewear and nightwear, appropriately called ‘The Essentials Collection’ offers the highest quality and most luxurious silkwear. The range includes gowns, pyjamas, robes, jackets, camisoles and palazzo pants. Each garment comes in the same flattering champagne colour and can be worn as loungewear, nightwear or under clothing. In particular, the camisoles and gowns work perfectly as slips to wear under tops or your favourite party dress.The old saying ‘If you want a job doing properly, do it yourself’ applies here, Anne spent a long time searching as a customer for the perfect silk range and found all of those available to be lacking  in some way. She decided to create a range that addressed all of her needs and the needs that she felt sure other women must share. Not only are the pieces made from the finest and purest silk Anne could find (which happens to be on a small farm in Japan) they are also completely ethically sourced and produced, as well as being free from any chemical treatments. Anne’s Buddhist beliefs influence every step of the design and creation of the garments, so much so she even insists on an expensive and rare humane method of farming the silk worms to ensure they are not harmed. As an added bonus to all this lovliness Anne’s silk does not demand to be dry-cleaned, it doesn’t even particularly want to be hand washed, it is perfectly happy in a mesh bag on a delicate wash cycle with some silk and wool wash.

The care and attention to detail has gone into each item is clear, reflecting the philosophies and Buddhist beliefs of their designer. Each of the camisoles and gowns has hidden mesh bust underlays so that they drape and flatter your figure. They also come beautifully packaged, boxed in tissue paper with monogrammed ribbon and organic lavender bags.I’ve got my eye on the long gown (£205) and robe (£270), perfect for reclining glamorously on the sofa and entertaining gentleman callers...Oh ok, more realistically for snuggling down and watching X Factor, but a girl can dream can’t she?! The short gown (£180) would also go perfectly under any party dress as a slip to create a smooth silhouette.

We suggest you start dropping hints pronto…but if that fails why not treat yourself? Come on, it’s nearly Christmas!