A Touch of the Exotic

With the current cold spell in London bringing about warnings of snow and temperatures as little as -2, my hands are, as usual, the first casualty to suffer from such extreme temperatures. As I’m originally from Spain, I’m certainly not used to the kind of temperatures that Brits are, and frequently misplace my gloves, always forgetting just how much I’ll need them later that day.

When discussing my dilemma with the rest of the team at The Amazing Blog, I was recommended a brand called Malida, who source all of their products from Thailand, due to its abundance of natural resources, exotic fruits, herbs, plants and flowers. The hot climate in Thailand also encourages production of top quality ingredients without the need for chemical intervention.

So, following their tips for anyone struggling with the sudden cold snap, I tried the Malida Pinky Rose Hand Cream, made of a 94.2% of natural ingredients including Sweet Almond oil, Jojoba Oil, Coconut oil, Yoghurt extract and vitamin E. It’s a really perfect combination to help strengthen skin and reduce redness and the hand cream leaves you with super-soft skin, a perfect antidote to chapped hands.   

And the hand lotion is just one of the many products available in the Malida Floral Series. In fact, Malida’s product range is huge in their ingredients variety and benefits. The brand offers a Duo Series pack, where they combine two key natural ingredients, such as basil and lemon (perfect for exfoliating). But they also offer Sense Series, a fabulous range of products to stimulate the senses. Loads of different products with a whole host of natural oils (Grapefruit, Geranium, Rosemary, just to mention a few) offers the perfect treat for both mind and body

Knowing that Thailand’s natural resources of exotic fruits, herbs, plants and flowers, will benefit all skin types and help add a touch of relaxation, Malida offers a wide range of Spa Products on their website, where you can buy into a world full of essences and nature.