I’ve got the Vibe!

I am unofficially known, by my friends as a bit of a ‘gadget queen’. Yes, and I’m happy to admit to being generally seduced by a few of the new technologies. Like a child in a sweet shop I find anything that promises a bit of techie wizardry totally irresistible.  Enter HD Brows Vibe & Eye.  This is the first of its kind; the Vibe & Eye Smoothing Serum is unlike any of its competitors. The Serum gently soothes the eye area while the Vibe sends ultrasonic vibrations into the surrounding skin. Created especially to refresh and revive tired eyes, by stimulating blood flow and circulation, the HD Brows Vibe de-puffs eye bags and tightens the skin tissue around the eye and brow area - perfect for perking up weary peepers. The HD Brows  brand has lots recent media buzz and when they launch a new product, everyone knows that whatever it is - it will deliver exactly what it promises.  With the dynamic partnership of beauty experts Karen Betts  and Nilam Patel behind HD Brows - you know that whatever they create will be something very special indeed. Having established themselves as pioneers in the beauty industry with the introduction of both the revolutionary HD Brows  treatment – a seven-step, salon-based treatment that achieves flawless brows; and the prized Eye & Brow Palette! , they have now turned their expertise further afield.

Creator, Nilam Patel said: “My celebrity and TV clients love the Vibe. It’s perfect for de puffing eye bags and reviving tired skin around the eyes. It feels refreshing and makes them look they look like they have had a good night’s sleep so they look perfect for camera.”

The Vibe & Eye Smoothing Serum  was developed after many of the HD Brows clients felt that baggy and puffy eyes let their new eyebrows down following the treatment.   Interestingly, I found that when I gently massaged with the Vibe&Eye (rrp £39.95) around my eye and brow area, it felt very pleasant and was a surprisingly relaxing experience. Definitely recommended if like me you’re a bit bleary eyed in the mornings.