Butterfly Twists

Here at Amazing PR we are of the belief that ‘the higher the better’ when it comes to heels. However, after a long night of partying or running between meetings it’s safe to say that our feet do not always agree with us. Not wanting to give up our beloved towering heels we are constantly on the look out for anything that will help ease our pain and allow us to carry on with our busy schedules with style. Thankfully Butterfly Twists have provided the perfect solution to our dilemma with their range of portable ballerina flats and boots which have been designed to twist and fold-away away for the inevitable end of day/night aches and pains. Unlike most ‘portable’ shoes, Butterfly Twists are incredibly comfortable with cushioned heels, proper insoles and unique Thermoplastic Elastomer soles to give your feet the proper support they need. Most importantly you wont have to compromise on style as there are a huge range of styles to choose from…our favourites are the ‘Eve’ snakeskin and ‘Elizabeth’ studded styles.

Butterfly Twists are available in a wide range of sizes and can be purchased online at www.butterflytwists.com.