Sealed delights

Not only is the weekend now nothing but a distant memory, but today is the greyest of grey days. Windy, rainy and dull-as-dishwater, a Monday like today is the worst kind of start to the week. Couple that fact with the impending Valentine's Day and there's certainly not much to be cheerful about.

Luckily for the gang at The Amazing Blog a silver lining arrived today in the form of G Desserts, just in time to dispel our grey cloud of gloom. Founded by Gillian, the conception of G Desserts came about when she discovered that her three children were having adverse effects from the additives and preservatives used in mass-produced cakes. And thus, as creators of the creme de la creme of handmade desserts, G Desserts use only the finest of ingredients and are free from both additives and preservatives. Most of the ingredients are sourced from local and regional producers in the UK, and as the cupcakes are beautifully presented in jars, the packaging is both reusable and recyclable.

While the jars were intially used as a form of portion-control, they also provide numerous other benefits; perfect for packed lunches or eating on the go, they also make wonderful wedding favours and as the jars seal in moisture they prevent the cupcakes from drying out.

Available in seven mouth-watering flavours: Strawbubbly, Simply Vanilla, Victoria Sponge, Carrot Passion, Chocolate Nutter, Lemon Passion and Red Velvet, we were lucky enough to sample the Chocolate Nutter and Red Velvet, both of which taste every bit as good as they look.

So whether you need an afternoon pick-me-up, or simply fancy a decadent delicacy give G Desserts a try - certainly the tastiest treat we've ever found in a jar!