Soap Folk- Natural Soaps


We like brands with good ethics and philosophies here at The Amazing Blog, especially those that attach great importance to the provenance of the ingredients used in their products. Soap Folk is one of these British brands that make it a priority to create their products with only the purest and finest ingredients. They were kind enough to send us a set of their four artisan soaps which include: Lavender and Oatmilk, Milk and Honey, Peppermint and Rose Geranium. We couldn’t wait to take them home and try them.

These soaps pamper and protect the skin, all being natural, handmade and kind to the body. A few of the common ingredients to each are olive, sweet almond and shea butter which means that they're all intensely nourishing. The Lavender and Oatmilk soap is formulated to calm and ease skin, while the scent helps to relax the mind. The Milk and Honey soap is designed specifically for sensitive skin that needs extra care. Honey and goat milk are added to the formula to provide extra-hydration, soothe and gently cleanse skin.  The Rose Geranium soap has a more floral scent; which is delightful. The essential oils infused in the formula protect and rejuvenate skin. Those of you looking for a refreshing boost, you're going to love the Peppermint soap. Its minty and fresh fragrance awakens your senses and uplifts the spirits. Enriched with peppermint and avocado oil and rosemary extracts this soap leaves skin refreshed and cooled, making it our favourite.

What makes these soaps extra special is their packaging. We love the charming handmade and hand stamped designs on the wrappers, all wonderfully illustrated by Susie Hetherington. We think that this set of four make a fabulous and afforable gift. You can purchase the Soap Folk soaps here for £4.95 each.

Cleansing Balm - Love Grove Essentials

It's always exciting at The Amazing Blog to receive products from brands that had previously been unknown to us. So we are delighted to share with you today Love Grove Essentials. We are so glad to have been introduced to them as they have a brilliant range of natural and handmade skincare, all of which are designed to support you through the various stages of life. There's something for everyone with Love Grove Essentials as all of the products are made from wholesome ingredients that let your natural radiance shine through.

We were lucky enough to try Love Grove Essential's excellent Cleansing Balm. Ideal for all skin types, the balm is full of natural ingredients such as apricot oil and shea butter which helps to cleanse and boost natural radiance. The formula has been created to completely remove and dissolve make-up and grime leaving your skin looking and feeling cleaner, softer, and more refreshed. The lemon and geranium essential oils in the balm deeply cleanse and help to balance your complexion.

The balancing nature of the Cleansing Balm means that it's excellent at hydrating drier skins whilst also helping to even out combination to oilier skin types. To use the cleansing balm take an amount, about the same size as a 5-pence coin, and massage onto a dry face until liquid. Remove the cleanser with a warm damp cloth. An alternative suggestion would be to leave the balm on the face for 5 minutes after massaging it in, so that it acts as a hydrating and cleansing mask, before removing with a damp cloth.

Love Grove Essentials are committed to managing their business responsibly, and they are clear about their natural ingredients and the sustainability of their process. Since the products are all handmade, they are ultra-potent with fresh ingredients that benefit the skin. We love that this brand uses such high-quality ingredients and that their products promote skin health, well-being, as well as help protect the future of our planet.


Embrace handmade natural skincare with Love Grove Essential's Cleansing Balm here for £37.

Botanicals Face Balm


Here at The Amazing Blog, we often feel that our skin deserves some rejuvenation as winter chapping starts to set in. Botanicals have created our go-to product to give our face some extra TLC, the Nourishing Face Balm is a luxurious, indulgent and multi-purpose treatment.

The award-winning balm is designed to enhance skin’s texture, in order words you should wake up in the morning with baby soft skin. This is the perfect burst of hydration for dry skin and would even work as an after-sun. The key ingredients of this handmade treatment are shea butter, jojoba oil, wild rose and green tea extracts to name a few. All of which provide a deep conditioning with a beautiful rose infused scent, we loved lathering the balm on at night as the fragrance soothed us into a relaxed sleep. The natural oils balance even oily skin and work with the natural processes of skin rejuvenation rather than against it.

We can’t get enough of our super soft skin! A little goes a long way, one pot will keep you refreshed and radiant for a good while. Reveal the English Rose in you with this UK Handmade face balm, available here for £27.95.

Etsy House - London Pop-Up Event

Still working on your Christmas shopping? There's no need to panic just yet! We here at The Amazing Blog have discovered the perfect event to find items from all over the world and finally get that Christmas shopping taken care of.

After a successful pop-up shop in Soho, New York last year, Etsy.com, the world’s most vibrant handmade and vintage online marketplace, has announced its first UK pop-up shop in Covent Garden this weekend.

Etsy House will be open for three days, selling a selection of the best handmade and vintage gifts from over 100 independent creative businesses across the UK. With handmade presents, home decorations, jewellery, stationery and more for sale, Etsy House will provide customers with a convenient online shopping experience mixed with the fun and surprise of discovering something new in person.

Visitors will be able to watch live crafting by Etsy artisans, take part in workshops led by Etsy designers and have gifts customised by makers in store. It's the perfect place to shop for those 'hard to buy for' friends and relatives, who seem to already have everything.

Etsy House will open in London from 5th -7th December at 5 Great Newport Street, London, WC2H 7HY (nearest tube Leicester Square) from 10am - 8pm on Friday and Saturday and from 12pm - 6pm on Sunday. So if you're looking for a little inspiration this Christmas, pop down to the pop-up event. You're bound to find a unique gift for your loved ones.

Black & Taylor - Archie Black's Dog Soap

blog What a wonderful discovery we made at The Amazing Blog with the handmade soap company Black & Taylor. Our dear and recently departed four-legged friend Mojai was just the perfect guinea pig for their Archie Black’s Dog Soap . In fact, you couldn’t ask for a better subject to test out a specific ‘doggy bar’ of handmade soap. Mojai was ‘super’ hairy with a rather unique double-coat, he had the most amazing undercoat which comprised of oodles and oodles of the very softest fluff.  He was also rather partial (thank goodness) to bath-time.  This dog soap contains Sunflower Oil which is rich in vitamins A, D, and E and is easily absorbed by the skin. And is scented with Lavender and Citronella Essential Oils which act as a natural bug repellent. All of which is extremely useful for those of you who have pets – with Summer approaching and with all the nasty beasties that are lurking in the long grass. It is easy to use and lathers up nicely. I was apprehensive as I wondered if it would leave a ‘knotty’ matted coat that I would spend hours combing out. But I’m happy to report that both pet and owner were extremely happy with the result – and with the price at £3.95.

Black & Taylor don’t just produce a Dog Soap they have a wonderful selection of products for humans. We were particularly taken with the Gift Sets like Gardeners and the Patchouli & Rosewood. I also love the idea of  Black & Taylor Wedding Favours.  Where you can choose up to any two soaps from their entire range of special wedding gifts for guests. i.e. Rose Geranium and Sunflower Blush for the ladies and Patchouli & Rosewood for the gents. All of which can be made into heart shapes or blocks and wrapped in a variety of coloured Organza bags to match the wedding day colours. Black & Taylor soaps are vegetable oil based, meaning they do not use animal fats and are scented using high quality essential and fragrance oils. Each of their soaps are genuinely handmade using a centuries old process that ensures each bar is of the highest quality. They will not dry your skin as they have absolutely no detergents or harsh ingredients. We are sold on this great little British soap company and their prices - starting from £3.95 on their website. We particularly love the way that these handmade soap last so much longer than commercial soaps. So throw away that supermarket brand and back British!