REdiscover RE!

Working at The Amazing Blog can often involve long and laborious hours in which we rifle through numerous press releases trying to find a spot of inspiration. Often is the case, however, that new companies are producing the same products, simply re-done and re-branded, with little to distinguish them  from everything else on the market. And so coming across RE at the end of a very drawn-out day was certainly a nice surprise.

Founded in 2003, RE is the brainchild of fashion designers Simon Young and Jenny Vaughn and its conception began in a small converted workshop at the back of a filling station in a small market town called Corbridge. And as a measure of its prestige, RE is soon to be taking up permanent residence in Liberty's, one of London's most celebrated and distinguished department stores.

Drawing inspiration from their travels across the globe, RE caters for a huge cross section of customers, offering a unique array of finds and treats. They sell anything that corresponds with their idea of what is beautiful, “not precious or prescriptive, differentiating ourselves by offering the unexpected in unusual combinations making us unique,” says Jenny. They are both fans of utility, both old and new, small runs and mass production alike; they also sell cared-for second hand pieces like garden tools, lighting, textiles and furniture, because they are functional and still work. In addition RE stocks recycled and fair trade products and their own exclusive range designed in house under the REgd. brand.

From recycled cardboard animal heads, to rose oil soaps and seaside biscuit cutters, RE's collection is as eclectic as they come; no doubt a contributing factor to what promises to be a successful collaboration with Liberty, who are famed for their use of a plethora of unique and global brands. The historic and much loved Liberty store first opened its doors in May 1875 solely selling hand-woven Mysore silk imported from India, thus taking on RE was a natural choice. Available both online and in-store from mid-March.