Born In Sweden

“….Born is Sweden” I hear you say “is this about Abba?” Eh no think ‘Aves’ (the scientific name for birds). After a long search, we at The Amazing Blog  are going to tell you about our latest find - the slickest and most stylish city bird feeder ever; thought up and created by those brilliant boys Pascal Charmolu and Kim Vejsholt at Born in Sweden best known for their innovative, stylish and multi award winning products.

My quest began when the weather turned cold and I realised that I needed to replace my rather weathered and falling-apart bird feeder.  This was thanks to one hefty pigeon too many who’d tried to precariously balance on the small rectangular ledge of the feeder – with disastrous consequences.  What I loved about this particular feeder was that it had clear Perspex sides and attached to my kitchen window.  So as sipped my morning coffee I witnessed close up my feathered friends feed and socialise, all blissfully unaware of my existence.

Enter my replacement, the award-winning Born in Sweden Bird Feeder. What a clever little thing this it is… Magnificently spherical and manufactured from recyclable clear plastic, it can be mounted onto any smooth window pane, all thanks to an innovative double-sided suction cup. These carefully selected materials can cope with extreme temperatures as well as UV rays. It is designed for small birds, with a diameter 11.5 cm, so there’s absolutely no room for any hefty pigeons… It also features a drainage hole at the base of the bowl - so it doesn’t flood and make the bird food soggy. It’s available from Amazon at a very reasonable price of £14.15 and mine is now mounted on the outside of my kitchen window. Friends frequently stop and admire it but keep warning me that I’m feeding the mice (a perennial problem for us Londoners). However, I would defy even the most dexterous mouse to try and shimmy up 8 feet of plate glass to enter this snug little bubble – unless of course it’s auditioning for Cirque de Souris.