Heaven Sent Hair from Corioliss

I’ve heard so much about the Corioliss K2’s so when I heard they’d be showcased at The Professional Beauty Show, it was just too irresistible not to stop by the Corioliss stand and ‘have a go’ with these much talked about hair tools. I’m certainly no stranger when it comes to hair straighteners, in fact I’m rather ashamed to admit that I’ve a motley collection of about 5 or 6 pairs gathering dust in a cupboard. However, my current favourites are the C2 (also by Corioliss) I love their lightness, length of the plates and the no tug factor on my hair.  So to see that Corioliss have produced the K2 ‘Professional Vapour Infused Irons’  with an innovative heat activated Argan Oil treatment, well it certainly set my heart a flutter.

The next day my Corioliss K2 were immediately put to use. Swiftly I filled the detachable reservoir with the Argan Oil treatment (provided), programmed it at 170 degrees, on with the full-steam setting (to dispense the Argan Oil treatment) and off I went…It gracefully glided and puffed its way through my hair with ease – just 10 minutes to do my full head - tops. Everyone at The Amazing Blog  was aghast at the speed of its performance. It’s slightly heavier than my C2’s so I’ll need to re-master my ‘straighteners’ curl’ technique, but my verdict is 10 out of 10 for the shine and feel of my hair.

In the past when using straightening irons I’ve always needed copious amounts of heat protector (I have long and very fine flyaway hair) otherwise it singes very badly.  The downside to this was that it only gaves me two choices of hair texture either ‘crunchy’ or ‘sticky' – neither of which are great. However, with the K2’s no heat protector is needed and the result is beautifully conditioned swishy locks. I know that Argan Oil is a bit of a buzzword at the moment but this heat activated treatment really does seem to work on my hair. The K2’s are gentle enough to be used any hair type, there is a dual plug for use in both the UK and Europe and a sleep mode (activates within an hour) if you accidently leave them on. The refill for Argan Oil treatment is £9  but the one they supply should last you quite a while.  All in all at a price point of £109.99 I think that the K2’s is very worthwhile investment and my hair truly couldn’t be happier.